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KUSHIDA_0904 There are good times and bad times in our life...but! WE ARE IN THE SAME BOAT. @fakekinkade #運命共同体 🇯🇵 #36 #1983 #MAY12 #Florida #Orlando #TIMESPLITTER #94ナイショ2 🍀 WWE/NXT 2019.4〜
ANI India #WATCH Karnataka: People traveled by boat to Mangaluru to hold protest against #CitizenshipAmendmentAct and National Register of Citizens, yesterday. Asian News International. Multi-media news agency, content for information platforms: TV, Internet, broadband, newspapers, mobiles
ANI India Karnataka: People traveled by boat to Mangaluru to hold protest against #CitizenshipAmendmentAct and National Register of Citizens, yesterday. Asian News International. Multi-media news agency, content for information platforms: TV, Internet, broadband, newspapers, mobiles
majachere New post (1957 Chevrolet Stepside Pickup Truck Blue with Fishing Boat and Trailer 1/87 (HO) Scale Model Car by Classic Metal Works) has been published on autoharem -
TotalLongo Liverpool @porktrousers Yeah the bit where that fellas severed leg bounces off the sea bed is horrific. And I always jump when Ben Gardner's noggin pops out of the boat We are building a fighting force of extraordinary magnitude. We forge our tradition in the spirit of our ancestors. You have our gratitude.
PontoonandDock Bretby Business Park Visit our website for a range of used marine equipment including boat trailers, pontoon, tractors and more. Suppliers of floating #pontoons, docks, work platforms, dredge machines, boat lifts & hoists, floating boat lift storage systems, yacht cranes & transporters.
starrockdunktop Florida, USA @MBakerTBTimes @c_bass3 Wouldn’t you prefer to focus on sports? As long as you’re covering the Gators you’re never gonna hear the end of the baseless and slanderous article you wrote. We don’t forget our enemies easily. You’re in the same boat as kash daniels and Edgar Thompson now 😬 fork kash daniels
williefj3rd Brooklyn, NY @JoyceWhiteVance Yes!!! He knows that during the trial more evidence will leak out and POTUS will come out and publicly sink his own boat! I'm down to earth. I'm easy to talk to. I love traveling, eating out, and having fun.
Saandroo Allianz Parque - SP, Brasil @NickHolmesPL You can try hit Brazil by boat. I can't afford to go to UK to check you out And they won't let me in anyway! Dark times! Supporter of Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras # Far Somewhere Beyond
ThatDylanDavis Houston, TX @woodhouseowner @TwitterMovies The opening is solid and though I like Mathiew Almaric, he was not a good villain. When the ending came I was surprised. I thought, ok. So, he’s the bad guy? There’s no Mr. Big? And the boat race scene was idiotic. The plane chase is a stupid concept that was shot well and saved Author of Flynn!/Dating Virginia/Buffalo Seine/Threshold. Host of #Super70Podcast on iTunes/GooglePlay. Texan. Honorary Newfoundlander. Appreciator of Culture.
OzzaT_ Peterborough, England @PulengMo Well the least he coulda done was to show us when she stalked and got on that boat coz she appared like she just got on that boat, dry even Lol Bachelor for life....Soon I’ll be the hommie with a crocodile smile, make no mistake I’ll do it even if it’s a crime...
GetShoxs The Seattle Boat Show starts next week! We'll have seats on display in the S3 Maritime booth 2418, so be sure to stop by and see how their team can help you refit your boat for a smoother, safer ride. SHOXS The industry's most trusted supplier of shock mitigated seating technologies.
Notonesecond everywhere ur not @landofthefree18 @DailyCaller If I'm relying on millions of dollars from a person who can control if and when I get it, do ya think I'll say anything to anger that person or rock the boat? Fact is the $ was withheld for no known reason AND don pressured them into announcing an investigation on Biden... Fluent in sarcasm....
MariaKordowicz @d_galasinski @WeCareAboutMH This is my boat too - but a good one, frees one of belonging through others' criteria, so we self define our identities. Much more secure and fulfilling! Senior Lecturer in Business Psychology @UoLBusiness. Qual research, evaluation & OD practitioner specialising in health organisation & QI.
5sosPopLikeRock Somewhere too awesome @s0ftyuchan Omg I feel the EXACT same way, for me San and wooyoung omg we're in the same boat😭😭 I just want you to be mine dude A.C.E
EerieCipher Skingrad, Province of Cyrodiil @ceiling_pool I’m in the same boat, but I find myself still enjoying the dynamics of KL when good content comes across my timeline. It’s up to how you still feel about the ship and if you’re able to enjoy it separate from the KL fandom as a whole ▲ Natasha | 23 | She/her | 🏳️‍🌈 | Multishipper | Really do not care about what you think I shouldn't ship ▲
marineindnews England, United Kingdom Boat builder @Sunseeker_Intl appoints new director of Superyachts and dealer network #superyacht #motorboat Inspirational and informative news stories from across the marine leisure industry. Subscribe for FREE Now
haroldcheese609 Kent, United Kingdom @Rider_Nexus I honestly wished the movie focused more on the ship, and less on the romance. I’ve been fascinated with the construction of Titanic, and the failed maiden voyage, yet was disappointed the film didn’t focus on the boat as much as it should. 21 year old British weirdo with an obsession with trains, classic comedy, James Bond, Doctor Who, British Kids Shows, music, South Park, Simpsons & classic CN.
roww_boat Dunkin’: introduces a perfectly good vegan item to their menu Also Dunkin’: ruins it by adding eggs and cheese Ready to nap
moremegss @rhylee_gerber Sorry to bust your bubble dude but truth is if you are a dick kate could make your life on the boat miserable as shes the chief stew and happends to have worked with the captain for years at this point...its straight facts dude🤷🏼‍♀️ no bus needed
GlobalM2MSIM Milton Keynes, England The @nonstopboot boot Düsseldorf boat show is only a week away! We'll be attending and looking forward to seeing the latest in boat and sailing technology. What should we be looking out for? Any tips for us? #boot #boatshow #sailinglife #bootDüsseldorf Connecting M2M devices globally with one SIM card using multiple networks.
JoeKearns_PSU @lordkeynes42 Sanders was (and now Warren is too) an electable moderate who won’t rock the boat too much on this issue. PSU 16
MoaniAndresen In my lane Stop calling Maoris, Aboriginals. The only thing we have in common is our loathing for Caucasian Australian asshats and oppression. Bro we ain't even from the same forking boat or ancestry. Australians really are a different bloody breed. high key bush child hawaiian/maori
BethFisherWWJ Detroit, MI Want to get out of the snow and dream about Spring & Summer? You can at the Detroit Boat Show at TCF Center starting Sat. @WWJ950 I am a reporter and anchor at WWJ Newsradio 950 in Detroit. Anchor-Michigan News Network. Wife, mom, dog mom, tennis player.
blkwtrdesign Buffalo, NY Instead of spending FOREVER, struggling to figure out what you need to include on your website, wouldn't it help a boat load to have a sort of roadmap to help you figure it all out and organize your thoughts?⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ You can now download it for free at … The Intentional web designer for health & wellness brands 🌱🦄 Psalm 46:10 #Wellpreneur #webdesigner
MechaKohuneh Imagine a mexican stand-off with kurapika, chrollo, and hisoka on the boat. Bot For @Kohuneh
tom_mcmurray Denton, Texas office @karen24970784 @nytimes I appreciate your lack of fortitude and class. Texas is the number one state in the union currently in growth. For such a self anointed legend in her own mind, you have missed the boat. My give a crap meter for those with TDS doesn’t even register. Best part I live in Texas. Real Estate, Contract, and Tort Trial Lawyer. Lives in Valley View, Texas. Supports Valley View Eagles.
Cyamthanda_ Port Elizabeth South Africa @ewnupdates #ParktownBoysCamp how do you allow kids to do a makeshift boat or whatever and still tell them to go on water? did you not think about precautions should those things fall over ? yes they couldve made them nje but not actually gone into water with it. I am me.... Take me as I am...or leave me!!!!
PaulJohnstonRG Bermuda A stunned charter boat owner said a fire that destroyed two boats in Dockyard had wrecked his business and cost him his home. @SekouAz Senior reporter at @TheRoyalGazette
Thestewoods Australia @IAmJericho Just do it while the boat is stopped and anchored. Easy. A guy from Australia
BearlyDoug SBC/SEC; on field/court. ATL @JacquezGreen Can't find anything on FC Tech, except their FB page, Coach. From what I'm seeing, they're more on par with Newport News Apprentice School. It's a trade school, but accredited and tends to play JUCO and NAIA programs. Wondering if FC Tech is in that same boat. @CoachCharlie101 ❤️ sports! 🏈&🏀 (MBB / WBB / @AtlantaDream) photog 📷. @BiletnikoffAwrd Voter, @USBWA member, Navy Dad. G5/FCS FANatic! @SheCruits founder (in development) 🌊
Blauweerie Ayrshire, Scotland @NeilFindlay_MSP Got to laugh at you- just like the old guys from the Muppets! Grow some backbone and stop with your crap trying to pull us all down. Go live in the sunshine if that’s what floats your boat- all the misery you hold is not good for you Wife to boy I met 53 years ago. JanJo,Mum and GiGi to the magnificent 12. Retired no SPA-support WASPI. It's always Scotland 💙💛❤️💚💜Independence ASAP
Shardna92 Ireland @katsuforov_chan I'm in the same boat as you. I've hunted for that damn shiny slowpoke and still nothing. xD I do what I can to the best of my abilities. I show my support to those around me too much.
gedig_ebooks I keep making it darker and making the boat smaller. By the time this jam is done you're going to be used to make sure your game doesn't just sit at the lumber mill or the pulp mill, or went into the family business. If you have a final product gif, as well as the source on Git: ebooks account for @dylangedig Get ready for gamedev jargon garbage!
keenevision near Boston, MA USA @revrrlewis @HoodlumRIP Ummm, no. But I’d love to shackle him, throw him on a boat and auction off his ass. #sorry Professional Photographer, specializing in Professional Portraits, Event Documentation, and Real Estate Photography. “Creating Images That Impact!”
zoblue Chicago, IL I guess I put the boat car in neutral? 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ It starts hitting all the other cars because the boat car is, clearly, HUGE. I immediately forget where the break is. 😂 Eventually I get off and just let it go because I... I just cannot. 😵 Tattooed mom • vixen • introvert • webdev • owner/illustrator @bloomsmoonlight • header photo by me • she/her
DArcyEganPD Cleveland OH Let's see .... It's Jan. 17, the steelhead trout are biting in the rivers, some Lake Erie walleye have been cooperating, and the Cleveland Boat Show's Fishing Expo is on through Monday. Enjoy! Veteran writer living on the shore of Lake Erie. Retired from The Plain Dealer. Editor of The Beacon weekly newspaper and writing for magazines, periodicals.
zoblue Chicago, IL I’m angry and crying with a sick baby who just threw up and I’m full of milk and don’t have a pump and I have to remember how turn on this BOAT CAR. What kinda dream is this?! 😂 Tattooed mom • vixen • introvert • webdev • owner/illustrator @bloomsmoonlight • header photo by me • she/her
GeorgeMWME Lochaline, Scotland @Dollybird1710 @AppleSupport Indeed and to support that, it used to work fine, quite nimble with the old fingers. :) It’s certainly updates that seem to have rocked the boat. Feels slower in reaction too like way too much going on in the background. Dyslexic Caveman that Films/Photos Scottish Nature. Guided tours of West Scotland. Workshops for Photo & DSLR Filming. All bespoke to your needs.
jyoti0723 New Delhi, India @GauravPandhi Lol ! The @INCIndia has really lost the plot. They have got an idiot on board to sink their boat further and trust him to take them further down with these baseless plots. ‘Apparently’ my foot . He lost the contract because he’s done playing Cricket ! Marathoner || Human || Dog Lover || Football || Tennis || Roger Federer || Manchester United
Johnnykiz_ Pittsburgh I GOT A RIVER FOR A SOUL AND BABY YOURE A BOAT! ⛵ JPK Design Think before you speak, read before you think
gorman_mary Canada Corporate #greed and the tragedy of #BoatHarbour #nspoli #AsiaPulpPaper #SinarMasLand #bcpoli #ReclaimAsek #NoPipe #ottpoli activist/screenwriter Save Our Seas & Shores Coalition. Pls help us protect Gulf of St. Lawrence from offshore oil & gas.
DaveRic84712194 Life on the narrow boat seems to be constantly interrupted by expensive dentist trips and blood tests, 2000 quid to the dentist in three months wtf grumpy old guy who had his own opinions
TheMMATrader London, England @BigMarcel24 @canalCombate I mean why not think like that? If we don't do Yoel vs Adesanya now then we might never get to do it... And I think a whole boat load of people would love to see that fight... Especially over Till and Canonier... стюарт - MMA is not a Sport...
Wormhole_Matt Just a bit Southeast off cente @sasssynsweet I'm in the same boat. Training your brain takes time and patience. It's also important not to beat yourself up when you slip back into the pattern of habit. We learn and grow at our own pace. Just gotta keep at it. Perfectly adept to thrashing my own existence with a particle accelerator while @getoffmyplanet makes sandwiches and love for me.
kaayleyanne Tampa, FL so passing by DTSP, there was a girl in front of a boat, and I got salty thinking my boyfriend was looking at the girl. this man was breaking his neck looking at the boat. 😂 I love being w/ a guy who really isn't into other girls ya fav goth mom
PeterJFoote1 Kings, Nova Scotia Question for the #WritingCommunity and those who #sail #boat #sailing #boating. What type of sail/rigging uses the LEAST amount of rope? I have pirates stealing a schooner that’s been stripped of sails and they’re improvising. All help/advice is appreciated. #amwriting #fantasy #scifi #horror #flashfiction #shortstories Proud member of the #WritingCommunity. Bestselling Author though my Mom doesn't read my stories.
pys_bot get on a boat and recreate the scene for the Titanic with your crap is your crap packed?
angrynative08 Alexander, AR @MasalaNoodles Very much so. There are legions of fans of these characters together and on their own. Doing anything of impact with them would bring in boat loads of money. And they're pissing it away in favor of changing things that they know will get rejected and retconned anyway. Father, Nightwing fan
Hughes_Zach Lake Fork, Tx @TwisterFishing baits catch fish! My reputation is based on my job and equipment. I use what puts fish in the boat! Licensed Lake Fork Fishing Guide & Professional Texas Outfitter (Deer, Ducks, & Donkeys C Mon) RAM Trucks, Skeeter/Yamaha, MisterTwister, Dobyns Rods, Oakley

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