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johnrich Nashville, TN I disagree with many things that @TulsiGabbard stands for politically, but I have great appreciation for her military service to our country, and now her willingness to take on the crazies in her own party. I have a feeling she's about to rock their boat in a big way. #Tulsi 1/2 of @bigandrich and owner of all things @redneckriviera We support @foldsofhonor @stjude #DRINKAMERICAN Love my fans! -JR
MSF_Sea Global BREAKING: the #OceanViking has just rescued 104 people from a rubber boat in distress, spotted directly by the teams with binoculars, at 50 nm from the #Libyan coast. Among the survivors, now all safe on board, are 10 women with 2 babies, and 40 minors. Direct updates and information from #MSF projects assisting #migrants and #refugees. RT≠ endorsement
TimJDillon Los Angeles, CA Third day in Florida. I now have an old boat I spend most of my time working on and a son convicted of rape. Stand Up Comic My Podcast: The Tim Dillon Show Rolling Stone/Netflix/Comedy Central/ Instagram: TimJDillon Tour Dates ⬇️
Jillian13749870 @TheSWPrincess My friends that live in Hawaii have horror stories to tell re: Chris Butler and his cult. Chris Butler killed a friend of theirs driving a boat over him while he was swimming- never brought to justice. They say she’s a nut- I will never trust her.
hedwwig of course today’s the day of the Boat Date and it’s the coldest forkin day of autumn so far >_> of course it is they/them. trans, gay, fat, disabled. not particularly sound or stable. lover of fruits, new boots, and not givin a hoot.
CucumberShanty Whar the wind takes me float The wind, she blows, and yer boat, well, she goes. Whar's it end? That depends. No-bod-y knows. Ahoy there, matey!! Do ye care to ride me boat to the island?
kingles10 Liverpool, England @MightyQu1nn75 @PatVach Yeh definitely. It's like Maccies and Burger King really. Whatever floats ya boat 🤣 Dad to 5 amazing kids, Fiance to an amazing lady, Software tester at Sony Interactive Entertainment. #DICEfriend BF1 [SAP] Platoon @battlefield.
SAS_1202 Europe @greta I was born in 1955 and I never permitted any of my sons (and now grandsons) to wear hats indoors. I also require shirts on at dinner unless we’re at a picnic or on a boat. My mom’s rules stuck with me! Psychologist, wife, mother, grandmother; living part time in Europe and the U.S. Conservative Florida voter.
fishin_me Everglades and offshore @_Darcizzle_ Started to pull the boat out looked at the sky and came back in. Now cyber fishing. Black Conservative, CG Vet, Proud supporter of 2A, Stop Vet suicide
TSndlovu28 Johannesburg The secret longing of your heart, whether it’s to build a boat and sail it, to write a symphony and play it, to plant a field and care for it – those are the things you were made to do. That’s what you’re here for. when i think about Jesus and what he's done for me,i can dance,dance,dance the whole night
starbound1101 midlands, uk, 🌍 i miss the 'we're all in the same boat, and its the titanic' tweets from when i was doing my gcses where did that time go 𝟣𝟩, 𝗒𝗈𝗎𝗋 𝖿𝗋𝗂𝖾𝗇𝖽𝗅𝗒 𝗇𝖾𝗂𝗀𝗁𝖻𝗈𝗎𝗋𝗁𝗈𝗈𝖽 𝗌𝗈𝖼𝗂𝖺𝗅𝗂𝗌𝗍 :) 𝖻𝗂𝗀 𝗉𝗁𝗒𝗌𝗂𝖼𝗌 𝗇𝖾𝗋𝖽 𝖾𝗇𝖾𝗋𝗀𝗒
BeefsoundMagnus Boston. Msaeachubaets Just woke up from a dream in which I was on some kind of boat island with Raiden from MGS2 trying to get some photos developed but he was dressed as a scientist and running around with that bomb freezing chemical while I wandered around looking at maps Icon by @KrazyBonesTV | Resident Evil, MonHun and Pokemon are my favourites, but I'll talk about whatever interests me at the moment too.
getzburg Maryland "It's something that would cost me money and hassle to fix, so we can't do it, we just have to let people lie, sorry guys, I'll be over here in my mansion that's on top of a boat." Left-leaning lawnmower dad. Civil servant, amateur baker, relentless generalist.
Crypto_Guy_UK Bitcoin = MoIP (Money over IP) @PeterSchiff Peter.... haven't you been bearish since $1 dollar $BTC? That's ridiculously bad. You're just upset because you feel that you missed the boat, and now you want everyone to do the same The good news is that the boat hasn't even left the port yet 🍺 Let’s be friends 😎 Follow me for Exchange token, Security token and Micro Cap news 🍀
Cheeekuuuh Miami, FL I get on here and ya’ll gotta piss me tf off early in the morning. Mans said we was in the same boat, everyone got called by their name even the dog. Please tell me what boat is this? Bow in the presence of greatness. [ wino. Visionary. radical . Healer. #AllBlackEverything ]
DonnaMy09721962 24540 @TheOfficerTatum People aren't strong enough to take a stand for right, no matter who it is, versus not rocking that boat! That's why we love you @TheOfficerTatum, Candace Owens, and other strong intelligent black leaders in the country so y'all can wise up the not only blacks but all races! I'm a child of God....and a deplorable!😍
MargaretMcCutc5 @MrReali39272354 @no_silenced Do not feel bad as I’m in the same boat. And twitter is still doing it. I gain 50 and they take back 60 🤦‍♀️🤣 Wife-mother and gramma. Love my family,friends and of course my 🍷🍷 🇺🇸🇺🇸 Trump supporter
1nancyschindler Rehoboth Beach, DE @ThaddeusArjuna We just bought an electric car and have a boat load of solar panels on our roof! 😻😻 Married to Eric Youngdale Territory Mgr. USFOODS retired At Spectrum May1974 to hear Kate Smith Sing & Bobby Clarke raise The Cup. Take my hockey seriously
GnashtyLord Dallas, TX @XperienceMaster @KrisPayne_ @PlayApex Whatever floats your boat still wasted money on a free game 😂😂😂 and at that you try and defend it TRASH My heart so cold I can put it in my cup!. #CowboysNation #Xbox
MG92_2 Under belly of Twitter I really feel so sorry for Malay chauvinists in a way. They have been fed lies after lies for the past 62 years, and now with a bit of rocking the boat, they think they are being persecuted. Capitalist liberal in the streets, authoritarian in the sheets. Normie by day, intellectual thug by night. Well, there is no day here. #GlazersOut #LUHG
StPetersP Grim North London @IanDunt @johnmcternan Starmer should have brought Labour behind May’s deal. I fear the boat has now sailed and he is culpable. International film star and devoted soft toy
lindahl_buffi Huddersfield @CanadianEH6 @mikeatrix @the_marworks @CBCNews Two unpaid actors with millions in the bank, the royal house of Luxemburg I belive borrowed the boat and her family pays for her expanses. Someone gave her the tesla as a gift! Socialist factory worker.
runningdmc @carlameyrink @MrsRBGriffith @jamieoliver My friend @sarahsteenland and her family live on a boat and sail around the world bringing a plastic recycling machine around to teach about ocean plastics. Your kids will like it #satchat I'm in the middle of two worlds. I take pictures of both.
TheShoreGame Greece The Shore Saturday's Update #2 👨‍💻 Several Boats, creatures and changes to the environment are joining the game this week. • Poor 🦈 Shark. • Orca 🛥 Boat. • Every abandoned boat has its mystery ⛵. • Another 🛳 Shipwreck. ⚠ Undergoing changes during development. #TheShore THE SHORE is a game that focused on the mystery of the unknown with horror elements on a forbidden island, the whole story is based on Lovecraft's mythology.
aptlmetin Germany We are exiled journalists who were able to find a refugee boat and flee from the Erdogan regime. But more than 200 journalists and writers are in prison. They were sentenced to 6 / 10 / 20 years or even life imprisonment. Turkey Free 228 Journos @cnnbrk @TopRT_DE @hrw @dw_turkce a teacher, who tries to be a voice of the persecuted ones.
FlatbushPapi This what Navy HPU think they be doing till they crash the boat and now we got dismount lol Just a regular guy with a twitter that works out...
CrippleMrOnion Perth @toarda And this is how I find myself on a Saturday night googling "how to build a pumpkin boat" I want to know the engineering and how it doesn't tip over vfx supervisor, small studio owner. whippet adopter and an alleged ukulele player
vtaelisa chungha the way jin stans hate tae stans because we're voicing our opinion about tae's mistreatment is just sick. we are in the same boat why y'all acting like being mistreated is a competition 😭 maybe stop being quiet and do something for your ult not just whine that everyone is bad #TAELISA: we on the high, they on the low
RibsNorman Folkestone, England Currently crawling along the M25 and complaining about it. We're in a hurry to get to our 4mph canal boat holiday. #M25 #narrowboat #canalboat Comedian. Runs @favershamfringe, @HandofDoomProds and Comedy Lock-In. Co-host of And Finally... with Ribs and Dill podcast:
djjoseywalez Columbus, OH This is why the #DemocraticParty is going to lose in 2020. 👇 When a sane, moderate candidate #TulsiGabbard tries to bring sensibility, they put her in the same boat as the opposition party, Dictators, and racists. Enjoy DJT in 2020 and beyond.... #crazy Just a dude, playin' a dude, disguised as another dude. Just here for the train wreck of human existence. Are you gonna pull those pistols or whistle Dixie? #2A
OneZy_ waking up to no texts/missed calls cause I don't get service on the boat but seeing pictures and videos in my email >>>>
summy114 3 bridges boat tour today big chilly and were not out the boat yet 🥶 Alloa WCTB Jacob 💙
lindahl_buffi Huddersfield @NicolasEdny The Danish and the Swedish fishers where ready to help the jews escape nazi Germany when they invaded Denmark. I will sail my boat over the pond and rescue as many as I can from Trumps civil war! Socialist factory worker.
dimsumdaily_hk Hong Kong Woman struck by speed boat propeller while swimming at Tai Long Wan, Sai Kung and dies Leading English media in Hong Kong with up-to-the-minute breaking news, happenings and lifestyle updates.
_pea_green_boat Northerner, in London @stellacreasy crap, wait until he finds out that some of us are fat *and* excellent all of the time. Dani | Campaigns strategist | Student Movement evangelist | Abortion warrior | ‘A Slytherin with wings of eyeliner so sharp they could kill a man’ | She/her
acceber910 Earth @jozaphen @JasmineJay92 That documentary was first advertised last week. There was an article about William saying he wasn't "going to rock the boat" and make any changes to what Charles as done with the Duchy of Cornwall. He basically admitted he has no ideas. It just didn't generate any buzz at all. You think I'm scared of death. I've done it a million times, and I'm forking great at it. How many times have you died? -- Maeve Millay, Westworld
taybariso India @haningdr @gatnash How about the Maronites and Druze? Can they rock the boat? Author. Freelancer. Marketing communications.
virgil_merchant @johnrich @TulsiGabbard If Tulsi really wanted to Rock the Boat, Change sides and Join US, Republicans and I bet she WILL be the 2024 First Republican PRESIDENT! she has one vote today! from ME!
MoltoVinos @Eleanor16 @MissDemeanor07 I had a small power boat before this and had loads of engine problems. The diesels in that one in the link are simpler and more reliable. I’m just wanting more space than I currently have. The Dutch barges are great, however they are pretty expensive to buy and moorings costly. Petrol head, biker, musician. Pro free speech, libertarian.
asdfghjemima_ 30/01•31/03•30/05•31/05•19/09 i get stressed just watching this, it really wasn’t all smooth sailing on the rainbow connection boat that week was it lol, but the lovers and the dreamers pulled it off and look at them now rainbow connecktion• fan account
SharkysWaters Bella Vista, AR Small Steam Boat Vintage Tie Tack, Black and Gold Tone, Retro Mens 1980s 80s, Nautical Ship, Mens Jewelry #Etsy #VintageTieTack Selling #vintage and #handmade #jewelry online for the past 20 years, and loving every minute of it!
UTslick68 Rocky Top or the Rocky Mtns. One of my favorites was at a bar on James Island South Carolina, that was listed as inboards and outboards, and each had respective picture of a boat with the engine. 3x @UTKnoxville alum w '10 @UT_MBA 🍊 | Proud ⚽ Dad w @KFC_06Wolfsburg | Lady Vol ⚽, WYO 🤠🐴🏈, craft 🍺, single-malt 🥃 & overlanding out West 🏞️ O|||||||O™
JohnnyPenso Windsor, Ontario, Canada @Jurry33 @TheRealKeean Her parents are not wealthy. Cost a lot of money to take a boat across the ocean and fly around in planes and travel up and down the continent. Someone is paying for it. Keto/LowCarb 4 health, weight maint. & inflammation. Tweets are my own. I block anyone not arguing in good faith or using unnecessary profanity. Keep it clean!
TourvestDM Johannesburg Welcome to Simon's Town... Home to the South African Navy and any water enthusiasts dream! From visiting the African #Penguin colony and boat trips to diving and kayaking. This #gem offers it all! @lovecapetown A division of Tourvest | Southern Africa’s leading destination management company | We make dream vacations come true | #travel and #tourism enthusiasts
AwadAlmurisi Johor / KL I probably have missed the boat to master mandarin. learned it in kindergarter and tried again in high school as a member of the mandarin club someone is always watching. here to meroyan about life, malaysia and other matters
Anuleifr Viking Ship @BasedPoland @vbantjes March them right to a boat and send them back to their country. If they can walk that far, they can help fixing their country.
Zerocraig Birmingham Uk @rokapublish good game however ran into few bugs like telescope and boat have disappeared and I'm unable to progress after 30 mins of playing have searched everywhere any news on a patch fix ps4? I'm Zero... I get kills - 29- gamer - I stream sometimes - Jedi lover of all things geeky.
LegendaryHood Cleve/Sc/NYC/LA And we are off to the fishes 🎣 #perchfishing may be the last day on boat this yr. #humpbacklikeawhale 💨💨🧤🧣 @ Sassy Sal Charters: Lake Erie Fishing Trips Full Circle Affiliates #FCA new music fall 2019 (G Nutt)-Rap Artist/Writer/Producer/Actor Hood Legends Music/SBGG/25th Dynasty /Hand Picked Mgmt.
Eleanor16 Leeds, England @MoltoVinos @MissDemeanor07 Lovely boat but they're a bottomless pit for maintenance and ongoing costs. Former journalist, chef, restaurateur. Serious 'foodie' and Head Honcho of the Ryall clan. All views are....CORRECT
marcos1794_ Guadalajara, España @Bwipo Just stay your hands away from Shen and make us come back to the "bwipo's boat"

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