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Femi_Sorry United Kingdom The Titanic would have stayed afloat if the crew had just believed in the boat more... And shouted some **** like "Make Titanic Float Again" or "No hull is better than a bad Hull". #FakeTitanicFacts Femi Oluwole 🇬🇧Law grad. I explain #Brexit cos politicians won't. #HumanRights. JOIN @OFOCbrexit; GET INVOLVED via: Media:
MSF (Doctors Without Borders) "When you see migrants, whether they’re on a beach in Italy or on a street in your city, just think about the story that’s behind them." This is the story of a family searching for safety, as told by our colleague Pierre-Eric, who worked as a doctor on a search and rescue boat. Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international, independent, medical humanitarian organisation.
SkyNews London, UK The sole survivor of a doomed attempt by 15 migrants to cross the Mediterranean and reach Europe says other boats sailed "very, very close" to the struggling vessel, but did not offer any help. To read the full story, click here: We take you to the heart of the stories that shape our world. For breaking news, follow @SkyNewsBreak
debidiamonds @amongststars Our system is not being helped by this racist president or the attitude of I got mine, screw you. Well, my immigrant friends are brown black and yellow. Some came by boat, some by visa, some by asylum. You know nothing I’m a hard working lady looking for friends and adventure🌛😳🌜my other page was suspended I I’m unable to recover. I am @debi420681 Deborah Blackwell
alfawarren Dar es Salaam, Tanzania @UNFPATanzania Strengthening referral systems on land and sea - the new ambulance boat has arrived in #Zanzibar. #LeaveNoOneBehind #rReachingTheFurthestBehind #AfyaBora. Ahsante @CanadaTanzania for the strong partnership & support. @UNFPA #ThreeZeros #ICPD25 #UNFPA50 Communication Analyst | United Nations Population Fund | UNFPA TANZANIA | Holder: Masters:Public Relations Management | BA Journalism & Mass Communication |
mikie_kazan Ohio, USA @L_Ragland_Jr Whatever floats his boat I suppose! For me, I need my roasted animal flesh! I do draw the line at endangered species, and over harvesting a species population! Isn't there something in the Bible about all of this anyway? Group think+lazy+stupid=liberal! No catfish allowed ! Top Fuel forever! thanks to all followers! Phil:4-13! Trump is da man!
firstpost Mumbai, India After one migrant jumped ship earlier in the day and was rescued by #Italy's coast guard, nine more launched themselves into the sea. Incisive opinions, in-depth analysis and views that matter. Read the last word in news on
StelfoxPeter @CRTContactUs Can anything be done about the weed build up in the Lower Basin of the Boat Museum at Ellesmere Port. It's congregated under the Craft Work Shops and smells terrible when disturbed. Many thanks Brexiteer and proud 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧. One of many blocked by Lord Remoanis
K_E_Huston With a gasp, I bolted up and leaned in a combined motion that sent the boat topsy-turvy. The jostling rolled my injured leg into the side of the craft as water splashed over the hull. “crap!” I grabbed my knee as the pain exploded. #Btr2sday Theater lover. Writer. Reader. INFJ. member: #WFWA, #RWA, #ATLWritersClub
4DunningKruger Tweet and Retweet were on a boat. Tweet fell off, who's left? #Retweet The greatest zen comedian of all time
pgshky Lancaster, UK @Simon_Rice1 And boat biscuits are a universal concept apparently?? Data Scientist (at parties). PhD alumnus of @STORiCDT.
josepolininaa CEB-DIP Thought the boat was moving so I closed my left eye to be sure wa rako ga libat2. The guy infront of me thought I was winking and stared back at me for a whole 2 mins hahahahaha The stars will align someday 💫
MorganB04583503 @N3WP0W3R Damned if you do. Damned if you dont. I'm in the same boat. Obviously my money isn't good enough and I have some sort of 'white saviour complex'. The liberal/left have no idea how much damage their identity politics is doing and creating more division Miserable front-end developer | Miserable cyclist | All-round misery guts
Top_6ix Im From The T Dot African-American DJ said he loves to eat pussy My friend turned to me and said “you never told me this was a bowaz boat party if we weren’t on the water I’d leave” 😂😂😂😂 @DemDawg_ 🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷. ♏️ Screw-face capital of the world. no waves I’m bald. Battousai The Gyal-Slayer
TeaReporters Elizabeth, NJ @ian_survivor @elpaisinenglish To be honest these people are the ones they made the decision to get on a boat and illegally enter a country. If they are denied access that is their fault. Sorry to say but they are criminals and sound violent and scary. I wouldn’t want them in my country either. if you like my tweets I will follow you! not here for friends here to call the bad people out. spill the tea for the world to see!
grocer_on_green Exeter, England @RebeccaComms @Mr_John_Harvey_ Well, I’ve got to get back on the boat tonight as busy bee and forgot yesterday!😱🤦🏻‍♂️ #ExeterLivingAward winner! Truly independent greengrocer on Magdalen Road...My mission to bring great local seasonal produce to the shoppers of Exeter
MrSquqs @joswinson Slugs and salt. Keep on sucking Jo, there's boat loads of salt. #jc4pm
193nint Hometown, IL I support the decision, I also support the removal of them from the United States Congress and this nation and sent to any country that will accept them and if nobody wants them, then give them a row boat with one ore Disabled, Denied, Not deprived I am Happily Married. Christ Centered. Gone Fishing no Pole Needed.
Casual_Bob_ @ChrisLu44 @gtconway3d OK, Republican leaders and voters, you shot a hole in the bottom of the boat. Accepted. Will you ever attempt to fix it? You are actively protecting the hole rather than working with the "enemy" democrats. You are all traitors to party over country. 🤔
sprlawrence Barossa, South Australia @Crui5erFJ @Lewie15 Lewie is loaded. He has his own boat, car or plane to take him to AO or the G. Friday night fixtures are non issue for him! (Oh and he’s a Port supporter) Educator, former leader DECD. #2017FGLF Graduate. Happy husband and father of twins. Life long learner. Geelong Cats. Angaston, Barossa Valley. my own views.
rhemnodanna In Tom Hiddleston's Heart Awwwwwwwpewds and marzia are now married. I'm surprised I haven't seen a boat. Hiddlestoner. Ultimate Fangirl. Fujoshi. 📑💊 Your future Psychiatrist.
rkive_shawn Couple thousand miles frm loml So ot5 vs jk is basically ot5 randomly drowning and jk going around on a diy boat no worries at least this planet has namjoon thread:
diariARA Catalunya “It looks like Spain can’t send the world a message about a boat in a humanitarian emergency”. Writer @sebastialzamora on @openarms_fund and the government of #Spain #ARAinEnglish El diari líder en català amb l'última hora i totes les notícies.
sarahinberkeley running with Lola @EricTrump you're so stupid. You "love the idea of buying Greenland" with Moron in Chief @realDonaldTrump at the helm? You and your bruh @DonaldJTrumpJr can have hot chocolate on the coast. Maybe you can go for a boat ride and capsize. Fun! #DonaldTrump #GreenlandIsNotForSale Ally & Kevin are back on the air together doing Drop the Subject @dtsshow on @wearechannelq, M-F 12-2pm. #Resistance
bc_2nd Gibraltar @philswiftontv Just sawed this boat in half, repairing it with only flex tape, my family and me are going on a fishing trip I’m am Jesus’s evil twin
UNFPATanzania Dar es salaam, Tanzania Reaching women and girls with #SRHR info & services everywhere. The new boat ambulance has arrived in #Zanzibar. #LeaveNoOneBehind #AfyaBora #ICPD25 #UNFPA50 @CanadaTanzania UNFPA, The UN Sexual and Reproductive Health Agency. The Official Twitter account of the UNFPA, Tanzania Country Office.
twitacada247 Lagos, Nigeria MAKE YOUR BOOKINGS NOW with climaxtravels ==== ==== Come and parry. clubbing. boat cruise. safari with us during 2019 summer re-union in Dubai. contact me for details cc @billyque_b @olamidebaron jiganbabaoja… Publisher of Nigeria's biggest Campus/Youth Magazine, Acada Magazine. CEO, MAGiKAL Entertainment. +234-8062300002
Cbh57 @3rdParty_ @davidhencke Great to see your support, always disappointed to see attempts to set generations against each other. We're all in the same boat and stood stand together against these draconian measures.
MickDun76161037 Melbourne, Victoria @markgoudkamp @Judetomyfriends @KKeneally And they are being treated accordingly illegal boat people Australia will choose and decide who and under what circumstances people will come to Australia. This NZ back door rort will have a huge consequence should it go ahead ! We are free, uncaged, and no chains, and more than capable of defending our selves. Coffee and the world is safe
outdoors_city @ShenandoahFishn @DaiwaUSA @DobynsRods @Duckett_Fishing @KastKingUSA @Lews_Fishing @StCroixRods @calcoastfishing Those sleeves are awesome. Until you lay the rods down in the boat with them, and hit 70 on the interstate. Are you a country boy stuck in the city? Or a city boy that has is country at heart? There is finally an apparel line for you. (Coming fall 2019)
RobRaze (Constantly Being Kidnapped) @WTNH Hopefully he bundled his car, home and boat insurance with @Progressive Artist. Free thinker. Over educated underachiever. New Haven zealot and purist. Devils fan. Undefeated in Casket Matches. 🇺🇲🇨🇿🇮🇹
jam_vivar 🌌 Get in the boat and go to the frick chamber square root of 361
not_PC_RN United States @JosieVanderWelt @EWigdis @starcasm @KailLowry @TM2LeahDawn @_BriBabyx3 @ChelseaHouska @TeenMom @MTV @PBandJenelley_1 Dave will take the Swamp House as a “settlement, get at least 50/50 with Ensley and truck, boat and toys to boot. He locked this up early. He’s a nasty vile pig but he is not a fool. He had this con planned out from the start! #LongCon She will leave broken and empty-handed Wife, Mom and Night Shift Nurse! ❤ Reality TV Lover, 🎩HATTER, Steeler Nation! LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 The Challenge
SmokersToker Stonehaven @420Ir @HSELive Very true indeed pal, in the very same boat myself and @HSELive have just thrown all of Niall Joyce's (former) patients under a bus! #ShameOnThem #BurnOneDown ~ #ReLegalise ~ #MakeItMedicine ~ #MakeItHappen #SaferFromHarm ~ #CannabisSavesLives ~ #HelpNotHarm #SupportDontPunish ~ #EducateRegulateMedicate
patientexpert Global @KWProScribe @PCORI @BMJPatientEd @NIHRINVOLVE @BioMedCentral @ePatientDave @transcelerate @DrugInfoAssn @eupatients @eupatientsforum @PFMDwithPatient 🤦🏻‍♀️People, please.... A lot of well-trained patient advocates out there #eupati and...Newsflash: researchers & drs can be patients too. Let’s collaborate and move forward instead of hanging on to outdated remarks. You don’t wnna miss this boat, really! (PSC) Patient Expert & Advocate. EUPATI Fellow, med R&D. Founder & President @PSCPatientsEur . Like Biobanking. Globetrotter. Linking pin. #share.
Muream France @tomacro42 @henningsanden Yeah I'm in a similar boat! I have a 60% keyboard so no numpad either and the tilde key is only accessible via a combination of keys so alt + mmb + drag is probably my favorite hotkey at the moment Lead puppeteer guy @Proj_Borealis & @riggingdojo alumni
iworshipmemes crap posting at Meme Kingdom💩 @pewdiepie GET IN THE BOAT AND MAKE BEBE Elon-sama, kekkon shiyou 😚 Ours is the fury
fleurydelis @fsmikey @FSBigBob so I’m on vacation in South Carolina and yesterday we went on a boat tour where we saw a bunch of dolphins. our tour guide mentioned dolphin mating rituals and all I could think of was whether or not you’ve ever played dolphin mating noises on the show before beautiful tropical fish she/her/hers
huskerlou2 @GophersForever A Gopher fan talking smack lol...keep rowing that boat and focus South Dakota St. You are Minny, win something, even just the division, then talk. GBR!!
ImageSails Miami, FL We are a full-service provider: from image, to design, to the finest printed sails! Contact us with your sail’s specifics, and we’ll follow-up to hone a quote and begin visualizing! #ImageSails #Art #Sail #Yacht #Boat The Art of Sailing The world's first printed sails for art & advertising! Patent Pending
Sassy_Brit CAMBRIDGE, UK What could be better then reading an intriguing crime thriller whilst sipping your favourite wine, and relaxing on a boat? Let's hope it's not as fast as this one! Tried "Spilt Wine" by Michael Walsh yet? YachtSequitur #LI #AwardWinning #bookblog & #authorPA #AuthorAssistant Top Amazon Vine & #NetGalley #Reviewer #Followme,add #AltRead in your #book tweets for #RT #IARTG @BVSBooks
hinge_xanderl A boat trip with Colin MacInnes in 1957 past the future @The_Globe and @Tate Modern
Puffles2010 Cambridge Puffles (*spots*) loophole in @CamConservancy code of practice Nothing covering advertising on punts. @lewis_herbert @anna4labour @CllrTimBick How is this resolved? (And quickly?) Re Bringing Cambridge's democracy to your doorstep - run by @ACarpenDigital.
DrWoIf_ Reach @Dulcamarra Hmm. Theory time : the cam shwos the interior of the boat (i think). So the boat may have been in america during the 1st outbreak and manage to somehow keep the viruse thus bringing it to Germany via the sea. So maybe next outbreak is in Germany ? Spartan that hunts grim and kills grineer for fun. I also take part on operation with team rainbow. French male 🇫🇷 (header by @Pyro738)
fla_thelma Florida, USA @WilliamHaveron @nypost So open arms picks up a boat full of people and is demanding that Italy change its policy? Sounds just like our Democrats here. Dependence begets subservience and venality, suffocates the germ of virtue, and prepares fit tools for the design of ambition. -Thomas Jefferson #MAGA
nonwerewolf they/them @yeehawpolice yeah i did a similar thing and wouldve branched out in the same way. so i mean, im very on the "those are extremely valuable" boat regular non-werewolf citizen of purgatory
kefallon Simotata Kefalonia The Kefalonia Pulse Vardiani Island near Kefalonia a favourite for the islands boat trips including The Queen Bee and Lady O (pictures)#The Kefalonia Pulse: Our over-arching aim is to provide YOU with factual contemporary information on Kefalonia and relevant Greek and worldwide events that could be of interest to p
davidflatman Bath, England. Next summer’s boat in the @RibeyeLtd workshop while we enjoy the sun... ☀️ Just need the BBQ and a telly with Netflix fitting now x @ Dartmouth, Devon A man's man, with a hint of lavender. Do contact with any security/rythmic dance enquiries.
QueenBanger Queen's league: agqrw6 And now, the moment to cheer the leaders of The QueenBanger mini league! All of you deserve a round of mojitos and a trip on the Queen's boat. All aboard!🏖️⛵🍸🍸🍸 #FPL #FPLCommunity #rednblueteam #FantasyYirma nonsense🔰#BangAveragePod ⚽#QueenBanger👸🏼 #gafferazzi🏆 I love football and #fpl but not necessarily both at the same time. Giroud&Maddison💖
Beavis88 Altus, OK @SlenderSherbet @PolitiBunny Put him on the end of a boat and, who needs paddles or a motor? I am conservative, Christian and vet. I also believe my job is to provide for and protect my family; to Love and not judge. We may disagree but we can discuss

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