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RonaldKlain Washington, DC And it didn’t. Trump allowed 13 categories of travelers from China to come here including any Chinese crew of a boat or plane carrying goods. He always put trade ahead of safety. He never banned travel. Gen Counsel, Revolution. Biden 2020! Ex-Ebola Czar, Obama/Biden + Clinton/Gore WH. Married to @monicamedinadc; Dad of 3 adults. Tweets are my personal views.
MizzouMonstar2 Following Gods plan for me!! 2,000 retweets and @GaryPinkel & myself will go half and bring Bengals back to Mizzou campus! 🙃🐯 First 100 get to ride on GP boat with me at the lake for Memorial weekend! 😎 NFL&CFL•God1st and God2nd. Just working like a slave today, so I can live like a king tomorrow!! #RIP #SONYA
greglaurie Southern California Jesus told Peter to move his boat into deeper waters.Later,he told Peter to walk on water. You are going through a test now, but you will be stronger for it and have more faith in the future! (James 1:3) Pastor and Evangelist :: Knowing God and Making Him Known :: Maintained by Pastor Greg and the @harvestorg team
bad_pita she, her Took melatonin and had a dream I met Harry and Niall. Was a good dream, my dad approved of my boyfriend, Harry, and we went on a boat ride. 9/10 I am not an adult Disney fan and ratatouille is an exception
Row_Boat_Cop @jackcalifano How is he the reason? He skipped out on the entire bill making process. The unemployment provision was written by Michael Bennett and was in the draft of the bill before Bernie flew in to give his last minute speech. It was submitted by Bennett, Brown, and Booker. So how? Let us raise a standard to which the wise and the honest soul may repair. The event is in the hand of God.
MISTERCHARLESD Los Angeles Fill up the boat, and, then fill up the hospitals. You can have covid-19 patients there in 45 minutes The richness of life lies in the memories we have forgotten. --Cearse Pavase.
iloveamsss @BFiggywiddit I’m sorry Figgy. A week ago I was in the same boat, praying for a change for you all 💗 Just remember to be extremely cautious and clean! real love never dies
break_chains2 #قبل_الكارثة We're all in the same boat. if you are infected, we'll all be. Please stay at home. And be safe. To all governments: Free the prisoners - temporarily at least, until the crisis is over. لن نصمت بعد اليوم....
xomonsee China build a hospital in 3 days and we get a forking boat ? 🦋🦋🦋
thelittleleftie United Kingdom Shout out to all the other A Level students in the same boat. It’s okay to feel angry and upset about the work you put in for your exams Mental health activist, bit of a leftie. @uklabour. Anxiety sufferer, cellist and lover of Elgar.
gwambertV2 @politics737 @MZHemingway Okay, and if the price for that is $25 million to some stupid theater I can live with it. We're talking about $500 billion to save a boat load of businesses from shuttering forever, and debt is dirt cheap at the moment. Lighten up guy
danbad1969 @realDonaldTrump The Oil and Gas Industry can care less about American lives and you have demonstrated that you are right in the same boat with them and all the Corporations. Your disregard for human life is criminal! I AM ALL THAT YOU DON'T WANT ME TO BE!🦄☮🏳️‍🌈🇵🇷
Longla20 @neeratanden When the moron-in-chief comes on for his daily bs, we turn on Love Boat - and we hate Love Boat.
Sassa_frasssss United States So even though the storm lasted 40 days and nights Noah was still actually on the boat for over 12 months because of the impact of the storm. But God still remembered Noah’s name in the end just as he remembers yours and mine . #ThisTooShallPass Dreamer💫Hair Color Enthusiast🤷‍♀️ Believer ☦️ Prof.of Many Things📚 Keith Urban,Sebastian Bach & Outlander Fanatic⚔️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿MPC 2020 💪🏻 Be Kind 💜🙏💜
trekXvelo Uk Fuel boat mountbatten from Chamberlain ccc and butty turning to go up the now open hurleston lock flight @CRTBoating #boatsthattweet Liveaboard narrowboater , living a stress free life.cycling, Palates and yoga a must
LoveThatYacht #Florida #LoveFL #VisitFlorida #California You deserve The Very Best. Allow Us to Work for You and Find You The Perfect #Boat #Yacht #Luxury #Travel #Cruises #Yachts #Yachting #Boats Your #VIP Concierge #YachtBroker #Influencer #Celebrity #Chef @LoriMoreno
booksbybit London, England the boat like a skilled seaman, amazed and confused him. He did not [5504/6442] Around The World in 80 Days, played out over 140 characters, every 15 minutes. Expected finish: Mon 6th Apr 2020, 10:45am.
FSBWestMids West Midlands #Coventry #smallbiz - Missing networking? Want to meet other entrepreneurs that are in the same boat? Want to support your peers? We've moved #FSBConnect Networking next week online. 💻 It's FREE and will be hosted by @SandraGarlick Register here: Federation of Small Businesses in the West Midlands. Tweeting business information, news, support and events in the Region.
PhxntomPlanet New Brighton, MN @Cptn_Alex If that’s how you want to enjoy the game why are you letting others ruin your experience? I’m in the same boat and it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. If it was a competitive game and they had an actual advantage sure. But this ain’t it. Sarcasm. “Think PlayStation, Blow crap up.”
JaseTheAce41 Salt Lake City If anything, being confined to a two-bedroom townhouse with my wife for weeks on end will help prepare my wife and I for our eventual life aboard a boat. PR and Marketing Professional at the U of U. I’m also a pilot and all around dork. Retweets do not equal endorsements
chelseagayden Long Beach, CA @WritingDreamer @NaNoWriMo In the same boat @WritingDreamer furloughed, husband, cat and all. 😅 At least now I have no excuses and plenty of time for writing #StayHomeWriMo Writer of words. Mother of cat.
keepitonthatXO Brooklyn, NY @AnastasiaDXO Same boat. Best of luck to you and hope this passes soon!!!:( my heart beats to the beat of the birds #851
hosain719 Punto Fijo, Venezuela @nntaleb there is a side point here cov19 was spread mainly by plane passengers country to country. Boat passenger gave enough warning time and were isolated 59Y,me gusta los dias soleados, hablar con gente compartir cuentos, Life=acquiring/Energy exchange Vida=adquerir energia. B.S.Chemical Eng.Univ.Of Toledo,OH 86
AsortRazz Assam boAt Airdopes 201 True Wireless Earbuds with BT v5.0, IPX 4 Sweat and Water Resistance, in-Built Mic with Voice Assistant (Active Black)
LarryTrump6 @NonghuaNews Canada should get a boat and throw all the Chinese out of this country best way of protecting us from the China virus China virus
Bray_erryday Austin, TX @kykyhow77 I mean for me... I live alone so social media/facetiming and texting friends is my only source of social interaction and I know plenty of gays are in that same boat so we being a lil more extra online... and tbh I ain’t mad about it yolo realizing things
ItsNiceOutUK East Midlands UK @digital_find @MartinSLewis Search Facebook “limited company directors excluded from support” for a growing private group of us all in the same boat - mutual practical suggestions and sensible information sharing @phormular
divinegenerals elias ⟡ they ⟡ aleks ♡ @makotoyuukun its me and kasakun in this boat... the titular ''salamander'' in the kenshi yonezu song ''the sea and the salamander'' 💞 @cyrodotexes 💞⟡ @paradigmbox ⟡ 265/300
_alexrowland @englishmace OM NOM NOM RIBENA god i love that crap, it's my whole childhood (it was apparently very popular in the Bahamas when we were sailing??? and good for bringing on a boat bc it's concentrated = saves space) Fantasy author, podcaster (@worldbuildcast & the Hugo Award nominated @serpentcast). They/Them. Rep by @brittsiess
GregBroadbent Mystic, CT Townhouse Condo with 2 BRs and 1.5 BAs for sale in Groton! Close to shopping plazas and Electric Boat! Real estate broker in Southeast Connecticut and Southwest Rhode Island - Market Statistics, Real Estate News & random events.
ddale15599315 @Ilhan We need to round up all of your Somoli friends and relatives. Put them on a boat and send the back to Somoli.
AprilSpectrum Colorado @NoEommaStop @Karavis1 @BonnieKnight0 @Nebuchadneggar @BNikhazy @animallover____ Other people dying due to an action doesn't mean the action is ok as long as it doesn't kill. Saying "well some husbands kill their wives" doesn't make slapping ok. You need to accept that this dude was an asshole and stop jumping into his boat re dog starving Autistic author. Mom with Ehlers-Danlos. Recovering Codependent. She/They Buy my book!
LuambaTaylor Texas, USA @LeanneCPowner Oh okay. I saw something on Pinterest about using beer to conjure up some yeast? I have to find more sources. In my area there’s a lot of bread and believe yeast. I didn’t even realize others were not in the same boat. she/her. mom & wife. Humanist. M.S. in Sociology. Passive aggressive political retweeter. “No one is perfect in this imperfect world” - Patrice Lumumba
TCanseeyou Washington, USA Boat ride, no oars, rudder, paddle, nothing. They killed Italy and NYC. $CCL go to a carnival? Expect #COVID19 $14.62 USD −$3.17 (-17.82%) Mar 27, 12:09 PM EDT · Disclaimer Stop the RusRepublicans now! Boycott anything & everything that can help their false economy! I am T I R E D of $TWTR suspending me for what Trump says hourly!
leevprice @StephenApp I think it’s going to be a cycle of breaking and downs. I have no advice. Hang in there! So many people are in the same boat. I help visionary leaders dig up their best ideas. My Friday newsletter explores how to make “thought leadership” cool again. Writer, reader, mom & #milspouse.
Boat_Wizard Somewhere @alexmadsen00 @ClonedKnight @Moe_Baku @alerci3 Likely both, but passion more so than budget imo. Can't lead a horse to water and force it to drink. ;w; }{ Gene Park is a cool guy }{ Unapologetically rarted }{ Icon by @fizzywattr }{
PeaceHenry1928 Confidential We can go by boat from Florida refuel and resupply at oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. Trump Supporter, Veteran, Freedom - Rights for Law-Abiding Citizens. Follower of Our Lord God and Christ,Equal Human Rights, #WWG1WGA, #MAGA, #KAG
LocketAngel Ontario Canada @UhOhBurns This guy’s clearly never heard “When in doubt, DON’T BE A CREEP!” Like for real, all peeps who think this is normal and okay need to be put on a boat and shipped to sea. Currently working of Developing my first video game! Stay tuned for art and news in relation to this!
DaddyWarpig It's egregiously wrong for a government to order businesses to close, then shrug when they go broke and cease to exist. Shaking your head and saying "well, free market" really is missing the boat. If the government shuts you down, the government should keep you solvent. Writer, Game Designer, Magnificent Bastard, Sexy Sexy Beast. Acct Born Oct 7, 2014.
composerem New York @senatemajldr @marthamaccallum @FoxNews Let’s talk about your galling inaction from December to March where you were on the “hoax” boat. You are a failure. Trump is worse than a failure. He encouraged people to put their lives and the lives of everyone around them in danger by ignoring the experts. #BurnInHell noisemaker/world traveler/opinionator
chairmick Leigh ,Lancs . A lot are in the same boat a mate of mine applied for the UC and can’t get an appointment until the middle of May , when you peel it back they are doing jack s&#t for the SE 24 years Chair of Nwc Juniors . Owner driver at Leigh’s no 1 taxi firm Jrs @avacab Director Westhoughton Golf club
cornball17 @M_Sylvester66 @markpoloncarz Whatever floats your boat. If you have a product or service that people are willing to pay for then have at it. But stop pretending that Gov't is the reason Wegmans is infringing on your freedoms to not be charged for a paper bag. Its Wegs choice to charge and yours to pay.
JRSterne New York, New York @sheabrian @NYGovCuomo I keep thinking of the Breton Fisherman’s prayer “O, God, Thu sea is so great and my boat is so small.” Yet we continue to sail on. Flack for @EmpireStateDev. Never off message. Former @TishJames @ScottMStringer @BrianKavanaghNY spox. RTs ≠ endorsements, thoughts mine.
ShannonReis15 NY @samanthagoril @AFAYEATX If you only knew the amount of people that are in your shoes you wouldnt feel as guilty. We all are in the same boat and trying to figure out how to row with now oars lol. Never be ashamed. It's okay to ask for help. We ALL have done it so way shape or form. ISLG & OSLG Department Supervisor!
KatieC72001 Windermere, FL @OrangeCoFL What about exercise? Walking, running, riding your bicycle and all outdoor exercise is allowed as long as you still practice social distancing. Gyms and fitness centers remain closed. My excercise is going on my boat. can I trailer my boat to cocoa or will I be stopped?
timrchavez Lakeway, TX @pythomit I'm a bit bummed with how mild our winter was / how soon spring came. I totally missed the boat on a much bigger lettuce and broccoli crop. The poor broccoli has all gone to flower and will basically be omelette fodder this weekend and replaced with Pinkeye Purple Hull beans Staff Engineer / @rival. Former @digitalocean, @HPE, @IBM, @canonical. I ❤️ solving information problems at work, in the garden, and on the water.
solid_christian Iowa, USA @MidnightTokr @AndrewYang I feel like we are in the same boat..except instead of a dog I have walls...and I'm not entirely sure they listen to me at all 😳 Politicians didn't make this country great..We the people Did
Gabriel99628452 Texas, USA @StephanieMend35 After all this is over y'all should come along to a boat cove if y'all want to come let me know yall know how to party and would be perfect Cowboys, Mavericks, and Rangers fan
Shead____ Hidden in the clouds Aite so I gonna use my time home n build a dotish boat....and at the end of this pandemic I wanna put all the dotish ppl on this dotish boat....I building it on land and nuh going no wey but daiz nun y’all dotish ppl used to that anyway...I wa all ah allyuh on this boat Everywhere you're not.⠀⠀⠀†. My God is an Anti-Social God.
Sarkin_Basu Zhejiang, People's Republic of China @hassan_u_a Imam of peace criticism is all on buhari and Islam, he got supported by people who hate Islam and buhari. You can deny criticism to your enemy. You must sport it, it’s the same boat. UNSTOPPABLE

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