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siddharth3 New Delhi Back in Vizag after 2 decades and I’m still in love with the city. Vizag has it all: clean water, roads and air, open public spaces, beautiful beaches and hills, sailing, an ideal port. With a little push on tourism and commerce, Vizag can easily be India’s Cape Town. Energy, mobility (#numtot), and climate policy. Born in a desert.🐪 Learning to sail. ⛵️
MirrorDarren If I were an Everton fan I’d take Duncan Ferguson - for better or for worse - over any of the short/long term options so far mooted at the moment. Won’t all be plain sailing but team will be motivated, play with an intensity and will know their jobs. @DailyMirror Columnist | @Mirrorfootball writer | CNN | Premier League Correspondent Fox Sports | Talksport | TRT World |
EmiratesTeamNZ Auckland New Zealand 🌏💪WORLD CHAMPIONS🥇 Pete and Blair win gold at the 2019 #49er World Championships making them 5 x 49er World Champs. 📸: Sailing Energy Emirates Team New Zealand is the Defender of the America's Cup based in Auckland, New Zealand representing the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron.
borja_gn St Vicenç de Montalt,Barcelona Proper breakfast after a month at sea in one of the most charmy and historical marinas I've ever been. A place to get lost. 😍⚓⛵ . . #admiralnelson #antigua #caribbean #sailing #sail #ocean #saltwater #saltylife… ⚓ Passionate about sea, sailing, yachts, technologie and other random stuff • 🇪🇸 Lord by chance • 🇬🇧 RYA Yachtmaster • 🔁 is not endorsement
Bronze_Chad Cimmeria One day I host my fellow BAP cadets and we plot how to secure a small fleet of sailing vessels, embark for parts unknown with only plans of pillage and plunder Athletics & Aesthetics 🌲 Pronouns: Daddy/Caesar/King
cruisingsea10 If you want to enjoy your water adventure without worrying about your stuff getting wet, then a waterproof dry bag is a must! The good thing is that a dry bag is not only designed for boating but also kayaking, hiking, diving, snorkeling, and even
NavisYachts Miami, Florida The outside of the Manhattan 73 is divided into two levels, the main deck, and a massive flybridge. Both of these levels offer extensive, restful spaces so the major comfort is achieved and you can relax peacefully as you like. #supersailing #sailing #luxury #yachtlife #lux NAVIS is a deluxe magazine, specifically focused on the design of luxury yachts and sailboats, as well as the lifestyle surrounding them.
POferriesupdate Dover Dover/Calais: For cars, check-in closes 45 mins before your booked sailing and 60 mins for foot passengers,. We’re here to answer your questions 24/7 and will post sailing updates at regular intervals throughout the day and night. For freight updates @POFerriesFR8
PlymouthRNLI Plymouth, UK 📟🚨 9:52am Sunday 8th #Launch170 Inshore Lifeboat requested to launch by Falmouth Coastguard to locate and assist a 32ft Yacht in the vicinity of Saltash Sailing Club. Casualty vessel and crew safely located. ILB and volunteer crew returned to station station 11:16am. Latest launches, news and updates from Plymouth Lifeboat Station.
FelixDaSouza1 @gardiner_stu @ShazzyG5 @conmac22537272 Instead of sailing around the world on expensive yachts and bigging yourself up in front of world leaders, why don't you help save the planet by going to Australia and help put the fires out? You forkin cabbage patch faced pretentious chump. I'm a Rabbit Dog!
profdws Labour / the left really need to move on from the position that absent the 'right wing press' they'd be sailing to victory. There's an intellectual and political/social vacuum and more state, more 'free' money and a toxic identity politics ain't gonna cut it. Father. Prof @UniofExeter. Senior Associate Fellow @RUSI_org. Hackney boy. Devon man. Views mine. Likes = bookmarks. Pro-freedom.
aikande Global @ljfaustin @ChademaTz Why are you, then, discussing a sinking ship? ... let it sink and join in the one that you think it’s sailing smoothly. Politics & International Relations | Learning Risk Management & Life Protection | #Providence | #ByGrace |#Joy.
haziq_asfa Re:life And a great ending. C.C. x L.L. ship sailing 🛳. 23. Never hold back because that’s how u hurt urself.
CalMac_Updates West Coast of Scotland 🔶 AMBER #Mallaig #Armadale 09Dec The 1600 sailing from Mallaig and the 1645 sailing from Armadale have been cancelled due to operational reasons. The 0840 sailing from Mallaig and the 0925 sailing from Armadale may be disrupted or cancelled at short notice. Official CalMac service account.Your first stop for customer service, updates and information, available from 08:00 to 20:00.
Roger_Clinton1 New Jersey, USA @DanielTurnerPTF YOU HAVE ACHIEVED NOTHING, publicity stunts to further your acting career and fuel your using child beauty pageant type parents by sailing BUT FLYING YOU AND YOUR ENTOURAGE BACK TO SWEDEN, your parents and handlers are FRAUDS, doing more damage than good Retired IT Pro, Mets Knicks Rangers Fan. Always was a wanna be economist. And yes, the Frank Stallone/Roger Clinton/Pick any of the Baldwins of the family.
sibeledmonds Bend Oregon Oh well-Thank God I am 1000s of Miles Away from the Stench- Waiting for another gorgeous sunset, surrounded by the inlets and islands of the stunning Aegean Sea- Planning my next sailing journey. Editor & Publisher of Newsbud, Producer of 'Bridge The Gap With Sibel Edmonds' Author of 'Classified Woman' & 'The Lone Gladio'
FXEmpirecom It’s election week… The Tories remain ahead in the polls and the predictions, with the odds also supporting the Pound. Could it be plain sailing? #uk #ukelection #gb #elections #pound #Johnson #Corbyn #Conservative #Labour #LiberalDemocrat #SNP #Green #Brexitparty FX Empire is a leading financial portal offering news and analyses for traders, novice and expert alike, available in 21 languages.
renjunniejeolmi doyoung’s pink hair dye -c- the process of him learning piano wasnt smooth sailing but w hard work, he managed to reach a high standard and his music abilities are good. yan di shared that this song is a warm song that talks about looking out and taking care of the people around you -c- #RADIORENJUN #RENJUN: 我在你身边陪着你, 我爱你!!!!! 🦊🧡💛- 190812
neko_aple between time and space Season 2 proved that. She can single-handedly hold everything. She is mature enough to do that, and to understand suffering. And it's good for her. Everyone developed, she became stronger, and I am enjoying my ship is frickin' sailing. lost soul from the world of forms
BotDreaming Sailing over an enourmous bed, I dart out of the room and feel loneliness break down with some great respect This Bot tweets dreams in a bid to better know their inner life. Practice your therapy skills and tell them what the dreams mean. (made by @henbell)
EricJay2232 New York, USA @CNN Hahahahahahaha - she realizes sailing around on a boat an organizing people to chant and dance in a town square actually does not improve the environment- maybe organizing clean ups and actually doing something wold help ♓️🗽
WindseekerAtSea Amsterdam Windseekers know no borders, and Sail Trainees between the age of 15 - 25 from all over the world are welcome to join our International Exchange@sea! #sailing #sailtraining #tallships #internationalexchange #youth #voyage Find the perfect Tall Ships sailing adventure with us. No matter your experience, no matter your budget. Be active. Be adventurous. Be a Windseeker.
havenstarmms Our software also comes with a number of optional add-ons so that you get a bespoke and suitable service for your marina needs! Get in touch for more details here: 😊 #marina #harbourowner #harboursoftware #marinasoftware #boatowner #boating #sailing Leading international supplier of premium marina management software and solutions. +44 (0) 1953 608 001
RuPaulsDragCon Los Angeles, CA Pound it 🇬🇧 Get ready, UK divas–RuPaul's DragCon is heading your way! We’re sailing across the pond for the first #DragCon UK, coming to the Olympia London on 18 January and 19 January 👑 Snatch those tickets now: RuPaul’s DragCon is the first convention celebrating drag, queer culture, & self-expression! #DragCon UK debuts on 18 January and 19 January. 👑
cupidkyv may the 8 weeks be a fruitful and smooth sailing one aamiin :-)
SankoSuisan The chairman of our company, 72 years old, boarded as a captain on a fishing boat sailing from Okinawa to Ise, Mie Prefecture, and left port this morning !🌊 沖縄の美しい海(ちゅら海)の恵みを世界中にお届けします!We are delivering blessings of the beautiful waters CHURAUMI of Okinawa to all over the world !
PoetryMagic2 Republic of the Philippines Ever met someone and you two undeniably click? No awkward stage, no anxiety, they just radiate good positive vibes? Just easy-smooth-sailing moments? This are rare encounters but one of the best. But we need to becareful as it can get very confusing and very complicated in time.. words & pixie dust, melancholy & bliss, choose your poison, choose your magic...
EcoClipper Alkmaar Currently the #sailcargo vessel Nordlys, is laid up for the winter in the port of Den Helder, Netherlands. Here in the office of the puzzle for next years sailing season, cargo deliveries and trainee voyages is worked on. Zero emission impact investments, transport and travelling by wind power. #Sustainable #shipping cargo brokers. By #sailcargo specialist Captain Jorne Langelaan
MBRodamilans Lauro de Freitas - Brazil @HowSoonHathTime I disagree on the first statement. For me, the definition of racing is a sport where faster wins given a certain number of parameters. One thing i love about sailing now is exactly that you can a senior winning depending on the class. But you can also wear a helmet and go f&f! Science, sailing, music...
POFerriesFR8 Dover, UK. On our Short Sea routes #PODover and #POCalais we offer a Turn Up and Go service. There's no booking necessary- you will be shipped on the next available sailing Official Twitter channel for P&O Ferries - Freight
MuskyPirateCock "Yes yang lady. Been sailing for ma entire life, fighting enemies and hunting for treasures ! But lately, it seems that imma'out of luck.." ᴛʜᴇʏ ꜱᴀʏ ᴍʏ ᴍᴜꜱᴋ ᴍᴀᴋᴇ ᴛʜᴇɪʀ ʙʀᴀɪɴ ɢᴏ ʙʟᴀɴᴋ. ɪᴍᴀɢɪɴᴇ ᴡʜᴀᴛ ᴍɪ ᴄᴏᴄᴋ ᴡɪʟʟ ᴅᴏ ᴛᴏ 'ᴅᴇᴍ ᴛʜᴇɴ !
mark_lj Always Ullswater No sailing today.45mph gusts and hail #iphone7Plus Outdoor Photographer. senior Deckhand on Ullswater Steamers. Photography workshops in the Lakes and the Highlands
tarotforkpop and that is what he wants to do. he’s got a very romantic idea of the kind of life he wants to have, a peace of mind, i’m seeing smooth sailing as the theme, and financial independence. but a word of caution for him to not be too focused and attached to these ideas for entertainment purposes only
Bizitalk Everywhere A relaxing sailing experience? See the English coast and the Isle of Wight on a day out or weekend on the Solent. Discover new destinations abroad with our relaxing all-inclusive sailing holidays in the Caribbean, Croatia or the Channel Islands @escapeyachting #bizitalk Supporting and Promoting small businesses to get them noticed and stay noticed.
clrdougherty Sailing the Caribbean The J.R. Finn Sailing Mystery series starts off with Assassins and Liars. A man with secrets meets a woman on the run. Available in audiobook, too. #iartg #asmsg #KU Full-time cruising sailor, writer, abiding interest in books, boats, the sea, and classic guitar
QuirkyCruise The World A Sea Cloud sailing cruise is all about being at sea and soaking up the ambiance of classic ships with traditional sales unfurled by hand...Read our story by Gene Sloan about his Sea Cloud II journey to the Canary Islands and Morocco. #smallship #seacloud Your Small Ship Cruise Guide
Itskiwitimena Republic of the Philippines @holafrankiana @PANKEYANUH @chickenturtle24 Hahahahaha you know what I mean when I said that hahahaha that we all matter in the same vein, big or small, but conversely, the ocean is vast and the ship will keep sailing with or without certain people too GrandXmasFair WithFRANKIANA 🤡🎡🎢🚢✈️🚀🛰️
HPUKPersonal London "We gave up our careers, our homes and the lives we had built in an attempt to make our dreams come true" – why this couple left everything behind to sail the world Compelling, first-person storytelling from HuffPost UK. Have something to say? Click below or pitch us on
HuffPostUKLife London, England "We gave up our careers, our homes and the lives we had built in an attempt to make our dreams come true" – why this couple left everything behind to sail the world Sex. Relationships. Health. Mental Health. Wellness. Money. Green Living. We've got you covered.
Ultra_Anything @Whipping_Genie "Booosh!" And they actually launch! Soon they are sailing through the air in... well hopefully the right direction? "Here we gooooo-" Whistling through the air! Lillie, affected by Ultra Space, lost control over her DNA and now has the ability to transform. Girlfriend: @Whipping_Genie
seidodge Dublin, Ireland In Olympic sailing qualifying, mixed news for the Irish 49er teams at the world championship. They weren’t 1 of the 4 crews to qualify but thankfully the 4 who did were all European. There are 2 European spots available next year and Ireland will be favourites to claim 1 of these Footballing snob. Lover of sporting trivia. Curator of the #GreatestLeagueInTheWorld.
TrollllSingh Pune & Aamchi Mumbai @priyankac19 @bjpmaha Only show off and drama infront of public on social media, both parties are sailing in same boat #Animal #lover 🐶🙊🙉🙈🐈🐧🐄🕊️My tweets🐦r mightier den🗡️. I Troll anybody & everybody. Vegan by choice🙏.Poet by mood🥃,Music is m Passion.Nt Real AK 💯% FB
Ma3Route Kenya 15:13 @WRA_Kenya The Nairobi dam owners should clear and restore it to the pristine lake with a park and a sailing club that was originally there, but thats another story. The dam drains through a spillway into a river that cros via @PeterOnyango A mobile, web and SMS platform that helps users to share and access info about transport and current traffic conditions for their city. #BeatInconvenience
Mbladam Mobile, AL @CNN She sailed on a nice catamaran made of plastic and fiberglass. Google the chemicals it takes to create these materials. Someone should build her a sailing ship of hand sawed wood to maintain her purity father of 2. Lover of Golden Flake pork rinds, collector of beer bottle caps, and #1 fan of Jake and the Fat Man reruns
gbangucci Somewhere in d world... @ShathoMorapedi @casspernyovest I’ve been thinking hard about how one can tame the lion in them. Every human has a beast side. Dude tamed it and that is the characteristic of a real man. Taming it and sailing the wrong energy and still came out shining? 😲 That is super human. A Performing Artiste 🎙 🎤 and a Fitness enthusiast 🏋🏾‍♂️. Instagram/snapchat: gbangucci. Facebook page: gbangucci. FB: Gbangucci Gbangucci
PeterOnyango @WRA_Kenya The Nairobi dam owners should clear and restore it to the pristine lake with a park and a sailing club that was originally there, but that’s another story. The dam drains through a spillway into a river that crosses under Mbagathi Way and presumably goes to flood other places
BoobsPics Christina Bella #bigboobs pics Christina Bella and Evan Rochelle went out sailing last weekend. Christina was sunbat Free boobs and big tits women picture galleries
starzone510 West Country @rodstewart @amazonmusic Loving this album so much...listening now...volume turned up loud and singing along to ⛵️ sailing❤️⭐️💕😊xxx Take That fan and fan of The Musical theatre band Collabro and proud Supporter of Monkey World Ape Rescue centre,Dorset and The Orangutan Foundation
DXBHarbourM Not only will D-Marin Dubai Harbour Marina have the capacity to berth 1,100 #yachts, it will also have #helipads, for you to arrive and leave by air and in style. #Dubai #MyDubai #UAE #Sea #Marinalife #Sailing #Luxury #Yachting #Maritime #Lifestyle Welcome to Dubai’s new maritime hub! ⚓ The region’s largest marina, set to open in September 2020. Home to 1,100 berths 🛥, helipads 🚁 & more!
paulafreireba @PrincessCruises any possibility of boarding with a folding bicycle and keep it in a box in my cabin or stowed somewhere in the ship? I don't intend to use one on board or in the ports but I'll need it once I disembark in BUE. I'm sailing on Jan 5th Coral.

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