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Greenpeace Global We are currently on an epic journey, sailing from the Arctic to the Antarctic to show the biodiversity, threats and possible solutions to protect our oceans. 🐟🐠🐙 Join us! #ProtecttheOceans Greenpeace exists because this fragile Earth deserves a voice. It needs solutions. It needs change. It needs action.
starsandstripes Washington D.C. The USS Constitution is sailing in Boston Harbor on Friday to celebrate its 222nd birthday and the U.S. Navy's birthday Stars and Stripes is a 24/7 news organization serving the U.S. military, DOD civilians, contractors and their families.
stavridisj Washington DC and Ponte Vedra Beach, FL In Sailing True North, I argue: - Leadership and character are quite different - We are awash in leaders, but suffering a dearth of leaders of character - Essential in a leader is: honesty, resilience, & creativity James Stavridis, PhD, Admiral, US Navy (Retired) Supreme Allied Commander at NATO 2009-2013, Operating Executive at The Carlyle Group
ProfessorJayTee Awesome new agent booking Professor Jay Tee's hypnosis shows and seminars worldwide (from Kobe, Japan) and cruise shows sailing Asia/Australia/Anywhere! Mike Moloney Entertainment LLC P.O. Box 371059 Las Vegas, Nevada 89137 702.228.8300 office Famous #Hypnotist, Speaker & Consultant. #Hypnotherapy online. Corporate Seminars: Entertainment: @superunconsc
AyrtonHockaday Guernsey @PourchetRouge @tothevale @LeRoiHaptalon That boat is useless for channel crossings though and wasn't built for rough seas - old Condor fleet managed far better than that piece of scrap metal. Granted weather plays a part in any sailing. 32 year old Musician and Motorsport fanatic. Trombone and Euphonium player. Theatre/panto. Taxi driver. All views are my own.
LeanneMclough Carshalton @EtotheMay @21_royall @Lynngil23096101 @RE_DailyMail You only saw them high days and birthdays until this summer when they were used as a prop for the very middle class garden at very middle class show and the celeb sailing regetta, Archie is certainly not a prop Looking for a new direction
Corrotherm United Kingdom The #UK is sailing ahead in the race to address the #ocean plastics crisis - #Innovative businesses creating green alternatives to plastic bottles, cosmetic beads and synthetic materials are being backed by new funding from the government and Sky. Suppliers of heat & corrosion resistant metals including INCONEL®, INCOLOY® and MONEL®, unrivalled technical expertise more than just right product, right price
MarkMCole Red Deer, Alberta Paul (in a great storm) - Last night an angel of the God to whom I belong and whom I serve stood beside me, and he said, ‘Don’t be afraid, Paul, for you will surely stand trial before Caesar! What’s more, God in His goodness has granted safety to everyone sailing with you.’ Jesus Follower, Founding Arranger of Praisecharts, Blogger Husband & Father, Pastor, Music Guy
POferriesupdate Dover Dover/Calais: For cars, check-in closes 45 mins before your booked sailing and 60 mins for foot passengers,. We’re here to answer your questions 24/7 and will post sailing updates at regular intervals throughout the day and night. For freight updates @POFerriesFR8
aeromarinetax Elk Grove, CA California Sales and Use Tax: Inconsistent Enforcement #aviation #airplane #planes #jets #aircraft #pilot #helicopters #boats #vessels #sailing #yachts #businessaviation #bizav Aero & Marine Tax Professionals are the preeminent experts in CA sales tax for airplanes, vehicles or vessels. We can show you how to avoid sales tax.
3rdLNGuides It was a bit chilly this morning for our county boating session. The guides got to try out paddle boarding, bell boating and sailing. They all had loads of fun and only fell in the water a few times. @Guiding_LaSER #watersports #dansonpark We are a guide unit who meet in Lee Green on Monday nights. Come and join us for lots of fun, new adventures, lifelong friendships and lots of laughter.
yachtcoownersh1 Pennsylvania, USA All you have to do is step on board‼️ Contact us today and one of our experts will assist you within 24 hours 👇 #yachtcoownership #yacht #yachtlife #yachting #boat #luxury #sailing #superyacht #summer #yachts #boats #luxuryyacht #boating #yachtdesign U.S. Bancorp & Capital Trust is a licensed Investment Bank and Statutory Trust specialized in intelligent Yacht Ownership Solutions!
Rt0Z72 Terra sem lei - BRASIL @ZonePhysics Hope they find the Edge and keep sailing toward the Horizon. I would be glad with this... Mas será o Benedito!!?? “O castigo dos bons que não fazem política é ser governados pelos maus” Platão.
redlinebmxone @KayaJones And she got to go on a sailing trip vacation... spoiled little brat #TPUSA #MAGA #TRUMP #AMERICAFIRST redlinebmxone
BEAMSEDU United Kingdom @TCshadow1984 @2tweetaboutit This is to waste police resources and to halt all operating systems that keep human life sailing smoothly Specialist Consultants in Bus. Management; Mgmt Development; Tourism & Hospitality; Development & Training, Assessments & Verification worldwide
stavridisj Washington DC and Ponte Vedra Beach, FL Good summary of the publicity and reporting about the new book Sailing True North on my website at AdmiralStav James Stavridis, PhD, Admiral, US Navy (Retired) Supreme Allied Commander at NATO 2009-2013, Operating Executive at The Carlyle Group
kimmiworld1 @ChristianKane01 @Dean_Devlin Love the @CarltonCannes and @NikkiBeachCanne . My fav part of the area is that you can ski in the alps in the morning, go sailing for a sunset,and go to a great music #MorrisonsIrishPub ...same day! @ChristianKane01
TheModernLeper (He/him) Sheffield, Yorkshire. Sailing about investigating mysteries is really fun! But you can’t save progress so have to plan hours of time to play, you can just get spawn camped and lose hours to dickheads, random storms will kill you and you’ll fail whole quests... Fight for more good days than bad / guitar @slash_fic
Crossshote Newcastle upon Tyne Been watching The Detectorists that I recorded off BBC Four and it is the best thing I have seen in years. It has really captured that sub culture of British eccentrics who get involved in rambling, sailing, orienteering or in this case metal detectoring.
smcseahawks St. Mary's City, Md. It’s RACE DAY for @SMC_Sailing! The Seahawks will compete in the Coed Showcase A-Final on Saturday and Sunday, and the Hoya Invitational on Sunday! #GoHawks #SweepTheSheds All the latest news, scores, and highlights from the St. Mary's College of Maryland Seahawks - Member of @NCAADIII, @ICSAScores, and IRA.
RoyalCaribbean Miami, FL @SandyGreen70 We appreciate your feedback and will make sure to share your comments with our operational teams. We hope you enjoyed your sailing and that we'll have the opportunity of welcoming you back in the future. We cruise and we tweet. #ComeSeek Privacy Policy
AthleticsNA Norfolk, VA Good luck to the Sailing team today and tomorrow at the MASSA Fall Fleet Race Championship at St. Marys Official news from the Norfolk Academy Athletics department.
havenstarmms Giving you control and reassurance like no other! Find out more about our #marina management software here: 💡 #marina #harbourowner #harbourmanager #docksidemanager #boatyardmanager #maritime #harboursoftware #marinasoftware #boatowner #boating #sailing Leading international supplier of premium marina management software and solutions. +44 (0) 1953 608 001
EntwinedPuppet FortSt.James, British Columbia The sailing is super severly broken though, one little rock can hang you up, and there is no reverse. If you are pressed for how much time you spend gaming this isn't one for you, its so broke that you'll spend an easy half hour trying to get your ship turned.. trying... Gamer, Tuber, I manage a couple of fan communities on PSN. PSN:Entwinedpuppet XBL:StrangeRealms YT:StrangeRealms Twitch:StrangeRealms DM me for email
Pararamin1 @JordahnF @Public_Citizen @AOC You want to address carbon emissions by cutting it entirely. How would you convince Russia China india Indonesia Brazil Mexico....? How about shipping and international trade? By sailing ships? RAM The key to a faster computer. Use rather equal RAMs in both slot 1 and 2. A computer scientist specializing in computer architecture
Lady_stormrider Mirfield, England @SaltyDuchess @BarrySheerman No problem! As per my profile I go sailing and the West Coast of Scotland is the best place. Originally from Lancashire until I met my husband 😊 Recently retired and enjoying married life. I like sailing in Scotland and love cats especially Torties. Not Tories, though. Teddy Bear Activist.
Boataiduk South West, England Have you recently used a trader and would like to review them. If the traders on you can place a review! We are totally independant and your reviews count #traderreview #sailing #inthecut #weekend #SaturdayMotivation A FREE website helping Boaters find trusted Marine and Boat Services including crew. Also keep a maintenance schedule for free! #boating #sailing #fixmyboat
stavridisj Washington DC and Ponte Vedra Beach, FL In Sailing True North, I argue: - Leadership and character are quite different - We are awash in leaders, but suffering a dearth of leaders of character - Essential in a leader is: honesty, resilience, & creativity James Stavridis, PhD, Admiral, US Navy (Retired) Supreme Allied Commander at NATO 2009-2013, Operating Executive at The Carlyle Group
F_is_sailing @cj_cabo It must have been very painful which showed when she was interviewed but she was mature enough to take it in and thanked them for the opportunity given to her. But for me, it was injustice
footyandflicks Rugby, England @Grahamdoh Well done Graham you're endeavours are always welcome. You're a true feeder for our nerdy needs and we're always grateful particularly when we're aware that it hasn't been plain sailing for you recently. Love watching and collecting movies,at present my collection is over 1400 titles and growing fast.
F_is_sailing @cj_cabo It's because they have the power and you can not do anything about it. You are at their mercy.
patantdoh Buncrana, Republic of Ireland @JohnOBrennan2 Soccer isn't mentioned in the other replies, but the Republic of Ireland performed brilliantly in Euro 88 Also, we have had Olympic medals in men's rowing and in Sailing Derval O'Rourke was European Indoor 60m Champion I don't think outside of the box. I build a new box and then think inside of it.
cali__dani Jamaica @dennisbroox @JamaicaConstab Trust mi! They deserve props! I am still surprised it was SMOOTH sailing passing Emancipation Park before and after the concert. Eyes on the Prize 🤩 #MindOverMatter #Dreamer #GraphicArtist
Amanda94756006 Interviewer: Mercy Peper us small Mercy: Me and ike Me: My cute ship are sailing very well. Haters una go fear fear #merike #Mercenaries #ikegang bbn addict
Roy_Isserlis Embra @IanBlackfordMP has just pointed out that the Scottish Tory MPs anthem of 'saving the Scottish fishing industry', will see the Scottish fishing boats registering and sailing out of Northern Ireland to be in the Customs Union. I can't see a fault with that prediction. Onetime nun, sometime krampus.
JosephOpoyan Sydney, NSW & LA, California @garcia_serge @marygnip Oh...good on ya, mate. We were at Woolwich pub for the Aussie game then were thinking of either the Triple Hs or HH Sailing.. Might make a move to the Hs with the boys and see if we can snatch some cash off the pokies...
MIWFan5231 @grantm99 Sadly I kind of agree..... My ability zard deck is good, it just sucks bottom if I start 1 pokémon and all energy starting hand. Ability zard either starts good and ur smooth sailing or u start horrible and scoop turn 1 Pokémon tcg player. Blue5231 on and blue5231 ptcgo. I write songs as well and want to create a band someday. My twitch name is PokeFan01
MikeUnemmw I love the 80s when music was good and had meaning. ELO - what a band! "When you see your ship go sailing When you feel your heart is breaking Hold on tight to your dream" Y'all stay positive and hold to your dreams of what you want to be! Christian, 100% disabled vet. Pretend 2b next great American Author I spent time in jail (not proud but learned). Support all regardless belief. No haters pls
last_dinos_bot down the rabbit hole again All this time My head and heart were out of sync But I know that The ship is slowly sailing Out of sight tweets last dinos lyrics hourly. please DM for any edits/requests! (newly added: tweets lyrics from Lachlan's side project notes from under ground every 4 hrs)
HamishRisso Gibraltar Great morning sailing today and first win since July! Apparently some bloke called Lavarello won the Kings Cup but that's not important......#sailing #Gibraltar Proud father, husband and British Gibraltarian. Keen sailor and Man Utd fan. All views are mine and mine alone.
ambassadorbrief Sydney, New South Wales In Sailing True North, @stavridisj argues: - Leadership and character are quite different - We are awash in leaders, but suffering a dearth of leaders of character - Essential in a leader is: honesty, resilience, & creativity Highbrow news and analysis on global affairs.
michaeljgaston South and East Hampshire So pleased I’m sailing and not watching the Irish game. Beautiful spot for lunch outside Salcombe. Business and Creativity in Education, FE College Principal. Privileged to work in learning and skills sector.
AtFruitBat United Kingdom The Sage looked beautiful last night. When it's lit up you can really see the sailing ship design of it. It's the 2nd time I've been there for music, and it's just a lovely, classy venue. Really recommend it if you enjoy music and are in Gateshead/Newcastle. Nintendo enthusiast. San Francisco Giants fan. Ailuromaniac. (Other animals are also much appreciated.) Bibliophile. Anime-niac. She/her.
PeterPa68681141 @RandyRRQuaid I don’t know about going sailing down no hill with nothing between my brain and the ground then a piece a government plastic.
Vic_M_Munoz The biggest challenge of working overtime today was fighting through all the worse case scenarios in my head and the pit in my stomach. Everything is smooth sailing from there #introvertproblems #introvertlife #introvert #myownworstenemy The Twitter account about nothing
VisitMaltaUK Malta And they're off! Today is the start of the @RolexMiddleSea known as one of the world's most beautiful sailing races. Make sure you head down to Valletta's Grand Harbour for the dramatic start (image credit: rolexmiddlesearace, Instagram) The Official Twitter Page of Malta Tourism Authority in the UK. Use #VisitMalta to share your photos, experiences, memories, insider tips and travel questions.
ShobhinGupta United Kingdom @ImRo45 taking us back to Sehwag era. So much fun watching him bat and seeing the ball sailing all over the ground. Pure brilliance, many more to come ✌️ Test matches are becoming exciting again. #INDvSA India➡️UK Love watching and discussing sports. Pure Indian at Heart; pakka punjabi Cricket is my religion 🙏😂
MayoEmployees Mayo Clinic's Sailing to Hope Survivorship breakfast gives breast cancer patients and survivors the opportunity to connect, heal, and look to the future. This account is managed by Public Affairs to share information about Mayo Clinic. Following doesn’t=endorsement. Social media policy:
asdfghjemima_ 30/01•31/03•30/05•31/05•19/09 i get stressed just watching this, it really wasn’t all smooth sailing on the rainbow connection boat that week was it lol, but the lovers and the dreamers pulled it off and look at them now rainbow connecktion• fan account
domalessio Sydney, New South Wales Sailing smooth waters with @sarahvmac after 11pm AEST on @NightlifeABC. I’m playing nothing but yacht rock songs. Tune in and float on with us @SoundsAustralia // Other Side Of The Tracks podcast host // ABC Radio guest // part time DJ, full time music nerd

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