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GeorgeTakei Broadway - New York, NY Greta Thunberg is sailing from Sweden to America to draw attention to the climate catastrophe we have inflicted and her generation must endure. She’s being attacked by haters, some of whom suggest violence. How sad they feel so threatened by a teen. How vital her message must be. Sulu from Star Trek. King of the Internet (according to Taco Bell). NYT Bestselling Author. Resistance Fighter. Husband.
USNavy The 7 seas! #USNavy photos of the day: From sailing with our Malaysian counterparts in the Pacific, to conducting exercises alongside the Royal Danish, Belgian, and Portuguese navies in the Atlantic, and painting in Hawaii, we had a busy weekend! info & download: Official Twitter account of the #USNavy. (Following, RTs and links ≠ endorsement)
Lawrence New York, NY So Frank Gehry designed a sailboat. And today he took me sailing on the most beautiful work of art that floats.
ProfessorJayTee Awesome new agent booking Professor Jay Tee's hypnosis shows and seminars worldwide (from Kobe, Japan) and cruise shows sailing Asia/Australia/Anywhere! Mike Moloney Entertainment LLC P.O. Box 371059 Las Vegas, Nevada 89137 702.228.8300 office Famous #Hypnotist, Speaker & Consultant. #Hypnotherapy online. Corporate Seminars: Entertainment: @superunconsc
belril San Francisco, CA @lschmeiser I literally gasped when this came up in my podcast queue! Nice to have this back in regular rotation. (And I hope this is also an indicator of smoother sailing for you and Phil.) Principal Analyst @ISG_Insights. Avid cook. Occasional fiction writer. Views here are mine. He/him. Public key: Avi by @AdamPMurray
lu9bot Funnyland Wow, this pizza to do you could you find the king! Link, and then together we'll find for me! Oh let's drink a mighty sailing Natural source of sewer water from @_Lu9_ | pfp: raziefim
PortholeCruise Fort Lauderdale, FL Bright sunshine, stunning blue water and pristine beaches... why aren't you sailing the #SeaofCortez with @CMVoyages? Porthole Cruise Magazine is the leading cruise travel magazine on newsstands and by subscription. Visit us on Facebook at
happy_heart85 Republic of the Philippines @_kianocebu @AnaAbadSantos @deemercado30 @_kiatakahashi @iamginoroqueiv Ur welcome.. Yes..that true.. Keep on sailing your life... In every wave you encounter...dont be afraid and be brave! Fighting! KIARA RecievedSUNTRUST What ever happen, happened!!!! Just keep on rolling....
F10Marine Ireland Tecnoseal Single Zinc Alloy Heavy-Duty Anode for Rudders 100mm. Nut and bolt included. Click to order. #sailing #boats #yacht Online Boat Shop
AdamCli Think he is reporting on what is going on.Naturally not all of what's going on,atm.And there is a consensus.Not exactly plain-sailing. Creature of reality
EjNunya The Shadows @ChowdaddyThe @AmbJohnBolton Don't forget that the US has spent the last 8 years sailing ships through the S. China Sea and being provocative with the Chinese Navy (recently almost causing a collision.) I want to see the footage of the Chinese showing up in Norfolk and harassing the Navy.... Writer, Photographer, Musician, Cook If you DM me I will assume you are a bot and make fun of you.
chaoticgoodpal1 North Carolina @PaladinAmber Ooops... 😂😂😂😂 a teacher I had in high school did that, too. we were talking about history and sailing, and she appointed one kid to be the ship's captain, one to be the first mate, then she said "and the rest of you can be seamen". We never recovered that day. 😂 I emigrated from Gamesylvania with a Magnavox Odyssey and a hope for a better life. I may also get Baby Shark stuck in my head at random times for no reason
MagicMarine Amsterdam, The Netherlands Expecting some medal race craziness tomorrow with @martinegrael and @kakunze starting just 1 point behind the leaders! Let's kick bottom ladies💪🏼 Photo: @sailingenergy #magicmarine #drivenbytheelements #sendoshima #tokyo2020 #49erFX #sailing Follow us and join the Magic Marine family! We make performance based sailing gear for sailors and by sailors and we are #drivenbytheelements. What drives you?
chrisconte Nashville, TN @nholland13wham Love you friend! Smooth sailing and good luck 😊 @NC5 Reporter | Nashville | Marathon Runner | Cyclist | Skier | Storyteller | Not the football player Story idea?
NWPioneer Colwyn Bay, North Wales After a hugely competitive few days of action, Ewan and Zac secured a notable podium finish, winning a silver medal News and sport from Colwyn Bay, Llandudno, Conwy and surrounding areas. Contact us: 01492 523873
TheScubaMami @MattWalshBlog I hear ya... I have to do instant Nescafe on a week sailing trip bc stupid me did not ask if boat had a coffee maker. I don’t want to haul a French press and have it burst it my bag/suitcase... Tavel, Scuba, Photography
Stephen74537489 @IngrahamAngle How about a change of pace and talk a little about us infortunate right wing minority in South Africa. Our forefathers hopped on the wrong boats sailing south, now we suffer while the world turns a blind eye A South African Trump supporter
southwindsmagaz Get in the race. Market your products and services to boaters and sailors in the 8 southeastern states. #sailing #sailingflorida #sailingbahamas Email Link We are a magazine all about sailing in the Southeast USA. SOUTHWINDS has been published monthly since it was founded in 1993.
POferriesupdate Dover Dover/Calais: For cars, check-in closes 45 mins before your booked sailing and 60 mins for foot passengers,. We’re here to answer your questions 24/7 and will post sailing updates at regular intervals throughout the day and night. For freight updates @POFerriesFR8
clrdougherty Sailing the Caribbean The J.R. Finn Sailing Mystery series starts off with Assassins and Liars. Full of tropical intrigue and beautiful sunsets. Available as an audiobook, too. #iartg #asmsg #KU Full-time cruising sailor, writer, abiding interest in books, boats, the sea, and classic guitar
Freedom25464083 @PFzgz @GretaThunberg @borisherrmann Last I checked a solar engine sailing craft uses ZERO!! Now go to ANY marina ANYWHERE, and look at all the film floating on the water from boats that wealthy entitled people buy to let em SIT!! Ever see Trumps MEGAYACHT?? Obviously NOT! What an imbecile!! Trumps worst nightmare, America’s warrior for peace, and racism eradicator!
SansaSt84952156 Okay so... Thomas posted this on Insta this morning and boy was I glad that I woke up early. Dramione may not be Canon but Feltson is still sailing and more alive than ever. You suck on that! #dramione #TomFelton #Feltson #EmmaWatson When the snows fall and the white wind blows, The lone wolf dies but the pack survives.
cymboliste Illyricum sacrum "To stay aloof" is said "rester sur son quant-à-soi" in French (literally "to remain on one's 'as far as I'm concerned'"). Emotional distance is expressed as a sailing metaphor in English (in sight but out of touch), and as an exterior, linguistic view of oneself in French.
wietse Great working with @TealePB on the theory behind our field work. @searangersorg operates #sailing work vessels which use up to 94.3% less fuel and emit up to 94.6% less CO2 than motor vessels. Clean and cost-efficient way to carry out #conservation work for our #oceans Social entrepreneur & #ocean conservationist. Training young Sea Rangers + building special work #ships to restore nature in our oceans @searangersorg
artsbouquet World Sailing yatch Mondango3 decorated its dinning room with lovely sculpture and nature artwork #decorwitharts #yatchwithart #yatchinteriors #yatchdesign #dinningroomdecor A bouquet of exclusive artworks for interior designers and architects. Coming soon
TobyGuise London, England @ByTomWells I have a theory that Harry and Megan contagion is going to start undermining the big slebs who come out to support them - a kind of MeToo moment for normal folk. Ellen de Generes and Elton sailing close to the wind... Writer and consultant. @Reactionlife, @FTLifeArts, &c. Bone-dry Conservative. Philosemite and slavophile.
activityhols Lefkas Check out our Special offers on the website and share! . . . . . . . . #activityholidaysgreece #sun #sailing #greece #ionian #holiday #fun #bluefinsups #specialoffer #health #fitness… ACTIVITY HOLIDAYS GREECE,Yacht Charter business based in the Ionian islands on Lefkas Island.
Lvckylvx Raccoon City "He(Pulse) and Specialist Jordan" Thermite"Trace are close[...]." - my ship is sailing again German Nerd of 18 years. I enjoy writing, drawing and foremost gaming. Always up to meet new people🦄
bowthrustprotec Bow Thrusrer Protection wishes you smooth sailing and an unforgettable summer! Purpose of this product is to prevent damage to bow and stern thrusters by blocking floating debris from entering the through-and-through propeller tunnel.
jocdart Sydney, Australia @njames They like to change things up. Currently football Sailing formula1 tennis ice hockey and equestrian Any views I express here are not necessarily those of my employer, SAP. SAP Technology Ambassador. SAP Mentor Alumni. Ice cream specialist. Sourdough 🥖 maker
WardoftheDoy SEE? WEALTH IS DISGUSTING "Aboard a sailing ship, 'slush' is waste fat from the galley used to grease the masts. All extra slush used to be the cook's perquisite - and he didn't have to account for the money he made from selling it... The Twitter effort of a hero who eats things and does English well.
GlobalM2MSIM Milton Keynes, England Have you installed a boat tracker? How has it changed your day-to-day sailing life? We'd love to hear how you've gained peace of mind by installing a boat tracker, let us know... You can purchase your tracker here: #boatlife #sailing #tracker #summersale Connecting M2M devices globally with one SIM card using multiple networks.
MTSGlobe Palma, Balearic Islands Discovering Navagio and Blue Caves - an experience that you will undoubtedly not forget! Starting from the port of Zakynthos and sailing along the west coast towards the North Cape. #discovergreece #experience #excursion #zakynthos #greecetourism #Shareourpassion #tourism2019 MTS Globe is the biggest independently owned incoming company in Europe with 65 destination offices in 19 countries
3rdChalkwellBay Leigh on Sea The week our #Scouts & #Explorers were invited to join in Essex Yacht Club’s #CadetWeek, whilst the leaders helped provide safety boat cover. A fantastic week in some challenging conditions - well done to all who took part and improved their #sailing and boat handling skills. Based in Old Leigh in Essex, we provide adventurous activities, training & #SkillsForLife to young people aged 6-25 & beyond. Royal Navy, RYA & DofE Recognised
timoconnorbl @Scienceofsport @sportsscipod @MikeFinchSA Foils in sailing. It has absolutely transformed big boat sailing, and in dinghy sailing the stuff people can do in foiling monohulls like Moths is revolutionary. Lawyer, writer on rugby and the law, rugby tragic, sailor. All views entirely personal.
KenY2Ken Chelmsford, UK @SleepHussy You've made it to the turn, though. 2 and 4 are the ones you gotta get through to experience the magic. It's all plain sailing from here, baby I love loving stuff! Check me out at I play guitar, piano, cello. Will freelance (writing/video about games) for money. He/him.
IndoPac_Info Da Nang, Vietnam Then there’s the most recent incident in which a Chinese vessel sank a Philippine boat in what was described as a West PH Sea 'collision.’ And there’s the recent announced sailing of Chinese ships through the Sibutu Strait. Spanish man in #Vietnam. Interested in the geostrategy & military balance of power between #China and its opponents in #SouthChinaSea, #EastAsia & #IndianOcean
Twonaturistson1 Wherever we happen to be The anchor’s up and we’re headed back south to Grenada where we’ll wait out hurricane season. Lots of work to do on the boat, including internal varnishing. It’s going to be hot, hot, hot...but not in a good way.. #nude #naturism #naturist #nudist #naked #sailing #boatlife Two open minded #naturists who quit their jobs, sold their stuff and now tramp around the world, mostly #naked, on their ancient boat. All photos are ours/us.
rugbylane Kish Lighthouse, probably. @BruceHoult @tlitb @KathyConWom @A_Liberty_Rebel @clim8resistance @JamesDelingpole @thegwpfcom @mattwridley No. Go to one of several sites and you will see AIS signals by the hundreds spanning the Atlantic routes, including private sailing vessels. This vessel turned OFF its AIS. Its own location is being transmitted privately to Windy and its own website. They are not acrive on AIS Artisan underwriter at large. Learning to sail.
ShopStreetIE This pair of Sterling Silver Nautical Cufflinks have a fantastic Blue and White Enamel Stripe giving them that lovely nautical feel. #nautical #cufflinks #sailing #yacht #yachting #wedding #nauticalwedding #gifts #giftsforhim #bestman #groom #groomsme Gift Ideas from Artisans, Designers & Makers. Find Unique Gifts & Creative Gift Ideas from Ireland and UK on ShopStreet Gift Marketplace. New Sellers Welcome!
chrestiancraven Miami, FL @maripresleyrp whilst being lost and looking for a direction my life was sailing into the unknown there was no way back just delicate darkness until your light woke me your soul cried while your heart screamed my name my angel I found you so I couldn’t fall into the deep abyss #MadVerse Man who tries to write. Father by day, bartender at night. Warrior, survivor, role player, lover to miss #T #CLT 🐢❤️🐝
nurseP13 Bangkok, Thailand Im happy with the recent pictures of @EmmaWatson and @TomFelton. With all the news of south korean celebs divorcing im glad to see that my harry potter ship is sailing #dramione #feltson #longyearsofwaiting It takes great intelligence and maturity to RESPECT that Twitter has millions of opinions.
CarrieNethery Eminence, Kentucky Round 4 of surgery is underway. Last one and @cnethery45 will have clear kidneys for the first time in over 25 years. Thankful for skilled Drs we have. Praying for smooth sailing. Christian, mother, teacher, Google Certified Educator, artist, outdoor lover and extreme multitasker
Wratheborel East Langton, Leicestershire Why isn’t Greta Thunberg getting major coverage for her brave and selfless gesture against climate change by sailing across the Atlantic to New York to attend a climate change conference, while Harry, Meghan and... Singer/Songwriter with WHALE.
katiewe13647467 Upstate New York @SherriSaum1 summers on the lake that I grew up on...swimming, water skiing, fishing, sailing....and weekends with my grandparents who let me be me. Syracuse University Grad MS Education at Elmira College
nira_mei My family are going out to thee sailing club and leaving me home alone fork yeah i draw crap | she/her | danganronpa, bts, mha, bsd, persona 5 | art acc: @rainmaynotfall | spoilers tagged as ([insert name] spoilers)
ProfessorJayTee Awesome new agent booking Professor Jay Tee's hypnosis shows and seminars worldwide (from Kobe, Japan) and cruise shows sailing Asia/Australia/Anywhere! Mike Moloney Entertainment LLC P.O. Box 371059 Las Vegas, Nevada 89137 702.228.8300 office Famous #Hypnotist, Speaker & Consultant. #Hypnotherapy online. Corporate Seminars: Entertainment: @superunconsc
bparsonst @second_sailing congrats on your fourth! welcome to the club. i'm vacillating between something of a blubbery mess and a total zen state. i'm either completely used up, like the giving tree, or finally in the position to write 6000 words a day Associate Professor of Political Theory Clemson University
MSCCruises_PR Geneva Yesterday we reached a new milestone when #MSCOrchestra became our first ship to visit Greenland! After sailing through the iconic Prince Christian Sund passage, the ship arrived in Nuuk, the capital and largest city, for her maiden call Official news and releases from #MSCCruises
second_sailing Fredericton, NB @bparsonst I'm still five years away from my fourth (daughter!) starting school, and this post hit me really, really hard Assistant Professor in the Great Books Program @stthomasu nolite perturbare circulos meos

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